Baby Mice!

We have seven baby mice born about five hours ago! Come and see! Mom and Dad are doing well…nesting and looking pretty calm for having created such a big crew.
The babies have no hair (nor eyes!), but they can yawn and cry in tiny, squeaky voices. Yes, I’ve been jumping up and down with pride.


  • Valentina

    my husband and I found a baby mouse, actually we thought it was a baby squirrel,but he was so small that it was hard to tell.
    So now it’s grown, he opened his eyes with us, we fed him and saved him. I wonder if there are any disease mice could carry and if we should be aware of that. Also…we leave in Florida, Orlando, can anyone tell me if there is a place around here where we could take him if we decide not to keep him anymore. We are leaving for three weeks trip soon, but I don’t want just to leave it in the wild himself, is there a place where they take care of him?
    Thank you.

  • megan

    I found five baby mice but their eyes are not open how do I feed them.

  • guppie51

    Yes, you could have handled them at age 1-3 days, so yes, at four weeks, they are adults now!

  • Courtney

    my mice had 5 babies they are about four weeks old and their eyes are open when can i pick them up?

  • Janneth

    my female mouse had just given birth to 11 babies and all of them were being eaten by both the mother and father…I discovered them gnawing on the bodies this morning…is there anything I can do to prevent the parents from eating the babies in the next pregnancy???

  • laura

    yea leave the other girl in the cage, female mice take care of each others’ babies. it’s cute smile

  • whitney nickerson

    hey…my boyfriend baught me 2 mice 4 my birthday….july 20 ..2 days later milo had 15 babies!!!!! i was wondering if i should leave the other mose i got in the same cage or not shes a girl too.. w/b thanks

  • lisa springborn

    i found a newborn mouse. how do i feed and care for it

  • Stacia

    I found a baby mouse today. I was wondering how often i should feed it and is there anything else i need to know? Thanx

    Reply ASAP Please

    my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • kat

    my mouse had 8 babies 6 days ago i did’nt touch them. but today i looked in the cage and there is only 4 babies left. the male is still in the cage with them. will they eat the other 4 babies

  • sara

    my mouse had 7 babies and a few hours later she died. i was left with 7 baby mice!!! i had no idea what to do, so i fed them regular milk (i had no kitten formula around) they lived through the night and i gave them to a local petstore… but i was wondering could i have bought a substitute mom? is there such a thing as a mouse who adopts and feeds a batch of babies? i just want to know what i should do if any of my other mice go through the same thing one day… please give me some advice thanx!!

  • shelby trumble

    I found a wild baby mouse in my friends garbage can and its mother ran away how can i take care of it without its mother?

  • Ashley Uher

    all of ya’ll are talking about having like 10 and 9 mice..mine just had babies like 2 hours ago and there are only 2 is that ok… and yeah the dad is going psycho i just took him out of hte cage….

  • Megan

    I think you should get it to a new girl mouse and see if it will care for it.

  • tai

    what should i do the baby is 2 days old and the mom abandoned it but is keeping the rest! please answer soon!

  • Brianna

    hi. i have these two mice from a previous litter and 3 days ago (they were both pregnant) they had babies in the same corner at the same time. it was pretty amazing. but anyway, i got a count this morning and there are 25 babies!! i’m worried because i thought mice were only supposed to have up to ten babies at a time. seeing as theres so many i was wondering how likely it is that a few of these little ones might die? i really hope that doesnt happen but i just want to be sure how likely it is.

  • Sally

    That is neat baby mice are soooo cute! I wish i had a mouse with babies!
    I think your write if someone took my baby i would freak!!

  • Meg

    My mouse had babies 9 of them, they are 9 days old they, have lots of fur and their eys are still closed they open at around 10 days of age. We bought the mother, Maja, and she got really fat and a week and two days later we found little mice… We got 10 for the price of one!
    I love my mice.

    P.S. DON’T take baby mice from the wild their mother will be very upset

  • deena


  • deena

    hi deena again. the mother has exeted me as her own.!i can pet hyer as the babies nurse, and i can watch the babies when the mothers not there. ill keep you up tro date evry day ill write a new post for you 2 read. including info, my post, there age, who i gave them to,what they look like, and how the mother is(and all these i hope 2 get in!!;0)

  • deena

    hi my mouse just had babies. if u need help with them click on my link in blue letters with my name. i can help with any babie rodent question.

  • Kelly Lamperta

    Hi I bought 2 mice a day ago and one was pregnent she is ready to pop eny time but I dont know what to do with the other mouse will he kill the babys he is not the dad. and please right back.

  • wendi

    if you live in the la area/venture county in south cali and need to find homes for uyour babies email me. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Uunknown


  • Mousehelper

    for anyone who has mice that have no mother, with the feeding of the kitten formula, also wipe their tummies with a damp cloth so they know when to go to the bathroom. (their mothers do this with their tounge)
    for “Rachel” do separate the father from the cage because right after the mother gives birth then the father will want to do this same process again and it will be neverending baby mice! put the father back in the cage after 4 weeks! (the mother needs time to rest!
    “Chris” : no just because they are squeaking (or chattering their teeth) does not mean the mother is hurting or killing them. you shouldn’t worry about it.

    I am currently hand-rearing one baby mice after the mother escaped from the cage. She (or he) is doing well so far and i hope you find my anwsers to your questions helpful!

  • chris

    my mice has just had a litter of 10! just cause they are squeeking it doesnt mean the mum is killing them does it?

  • Rachel

    my mice just had around 7 babies a couple of hours ago. Its just the mom and the dad in the cage, and i have a back up cage set up for the dad to avoid loosing any but the two are VERY close and ive heard different responses on whether or not to seperate them. could some PLEASE let me know what i should do? The parents are around 3 months old. THANK YOU! my e-mail is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • zerah

    Hey, to answer all you who have questions about baby mice care:

    If you have a momma in the cage, she’ll take care of them. Her milk is all the babies need until they’re about 4 wks old. You can handle the babies after they are 1 wk old, but be sure to handle them all equally or the momma will think somethings up.

    For all the people who have found babies without moms, kitten formula works best to feed them and you can use a dropper or just wet your finger and let the babies lick it off. smile They will start eating solid food at about 4 wks old.

    I have 9 babies right now, and they are 2 wks old, with beautiful satin fur and their eyes are just starting to open.

  • Halley and Heather

    here is our email address from this comment
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) plz write back…we dont know what to feed it…and a bunch of other stuff~*~*~*~*~*~thanx

  • Heather and Halley

    Hey we just saved a pinky mouse and hes still a baby with no eyes or fur either. those you who have or had mice what should we do to take care of it.? please write back asap

  • Monica

    HELP!! We’ve just had baby mice (they’re so cute) and we have no idea how they’re supposed to get water or whatever. Do they get that all from the female? A reply really soon would be great!
    ~ Monica

  • Jessica Conrad

    I thought i had two boys but i had a girl and a guy. the girl killed the male and with one loss i got 3 babies. hope your having fun with your 7 babies. good luck;)

  • liz

    I was cleaning out my closit and i found 2 baby mice so i put them in a fish take and they looked saad so i went to the pet shop and bought a big female mouse and put her in there and now she acts like a mom!

  • Gabi

    My mouse had babies but sadly the mom died 2 and a half weeks after they were born! i dont know if they are able to eat on their own, they do have fur their eyes are open and they are in good health.HOw old should they be before they eat on their own?

  • Chiara

    Hi, I had just had 2 litters of satin longhaired and curly babies. I have 8 little boys that need good homes. Please email me at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), if interested. They are 2 weeks old and they’re adorable! I have pictures at my website:

  • breanna

    bye then

  • breanna p

    hey, please awnser me back

  • Breanna p.

    Won’t the mom eat the baby mice if you pick them up when there just born?

  • Breanna p.

    My, mouse had babys like two weeks ago!But I don’t know when we can really hold them?

  • hay

    we had some baby mice there is seven too

  • Taylor Williams

    we had our baby mice one day ago. they are so cute. my mom read that you can pick them up right after they are born. and by the way CONGRATES!

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