July 29, 2006

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  • Packing Up the Old Van

    Name: Martha
    Make: Ford Windstar
    Doors: 4 and rear hatch
    Birth: 2000
    Color: White with smeary dirt gray
    Job: Get Sara and the Kids around

    Today’s Task: Carry Sara and Crew to Fort Worth for MacHenry Show!

    And……I’m off!

    First stop: Kristin deWitt’s house
    Second stop: Starbucks to submit next entry

  • Soon

    It will be time to get in the car

    And head towards another performance

    A living dream

    A hope that this will be the one that awakens a soul…my soul, your soul, someone’s soul…

    To purpose continued, living…finding, stretching. Shaking it up.

    Because you can.

  • Kisses

    Gentle kisses of the tongue upon my lips
    A kiss hello, a kiss goodnight…a kiss in the mid-morning to say
    “You matter to me…”
    The soft pink tender skin upon skin
    Sparkling teeth
    Loving eyes

    Looking past the moment of desire
    And into the future of many more kisses
    And… Continue reading

  • Clean

    And sparkling and ready for the highway.

    Looking for adventure……..orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr whatever comes my way……

  • 10:30 am

    I’m in ragged old cut offs, and about to, finally, go clean out the van for today’s trip.

    I look forward to the day I can have a vehicle that doesn’t use gas. I would love an electric van. Or a van… Continue reading

  • First song I ever wrote

    The Pasture
    (written by me, Sara Hickman, for my grandma and grandpa, Martha and Al Hickman in 1970 when I was seven years old…I still have the original sheet music I wrote out so my grandma could play it on the piano!)

    Down in… Continue reading

  • Wrapping Gifts

    For upcoming birthdays
    Sending cards to loved ones far away
    Getting ready to make a set list for tonight
    About to clean out the van
    Whoo! It is hard to stay on a half hour schedule and write every half hour!