July 29, 2006

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  • Talking With Magda

    There are rays of light in this world. People who shine no matter where they are in their life.

    People who can find the brightest star in the darkest of nights and point it out to everyone, everyone else around them who may… Continue reading

  • Accounting

    I’m balancing our checkbook.

    And io is outside picking flowers. Which one sounds more fun to you?

    Off to add to the bouquet.

  • iolana’s up so the gig is up

    we’ll make breakfast together, now….gosh…i am really tethered to this computer…i’m sure she will think this is wierd that every half hour i have to dabble at the keyboards.

    here is a riddle io made up:

    it’s fuzzy, it’s green and it’s long….what is… Continue reading

  • Lily’s Show

    I forgot to mention Lily’s rock-n-roll camp ended Thursday, with a gianormous concert at the Broken Spoke that night.

    Her band was called SLEEP ROCKER and rock they did…

    Lily was the front woman…wailing away on Rolling Stones and Little Richard songs….she has a… Continue reading

  • Breakfast in Bed

    Lance and iolana are sleeping, still.

    I think I will surprise them with Hello!Kitty chocolate chip waffles in bed. With some fresh cut flowers from the garden.
    A wee pitcher of syrup. Fresh squeezed orange juice, hot hazelnut coffee for Lance and hot chocolate… Continue reading

  • Tardy

    Tardy cuz I’ve been up looking for my battery charger for my guitar….and I can not find it anywhere. My guitar sucks juice from batteries faster than you can say “Obidiah!” So I have to re-charge them every chance I get.

    When I… Continue reading

  • Gooooood Morning, Blogathon!

    Ah, the sun isn’t even blogging yet, although I sense it will be curling it’s rays upon it’s own keyboard within thirty two minutes…

    What will the day bring?
    How many blogs will I actually enter?
    What will I see…? Who will I meet…?

    Yes! Time… Continue reading