Response to Vigilante

Dear Vigilante,

Yes, I would send troops because that is the real
cause for troops…to stop violence where violence is
running amuck and causing terror and human misery.

I think the U.N. should organize a large group of
soldiers derived of many countries. And we, the United
States, the Peace Corps, Doctors without Borders,
therapists, teachers, engineers and any other groups
that can help in the healing and rejuvenation of
people should also go, to provide therapeutic
services, medical aid and rebuilding while the troops
do their best to form a protective circle around the

Personally, I would like to go…although I only have
music and art training, and I’m not sure I would have
any thing to bring to these people…except hope,
faith and love.

Genocide can not be allowed to thrive because that is
what it does. It spreads into an even greater posion
of those doling out the terror, causing evil to
expand, and those helpless in it’s path to be wiped

I do not agree with war, but in cases of horror, like
this, I agree that those with weapons who can protect
those who have no way to protect themselves should be
assigned to bring aid.

Thank you for your comment,


  • Vigilante

    My orginal, original post was placed here.

  • andy-dog

    I’m pretty old already, Vigilante, and I’ve seen these horrible acts go on over 5 decades and I think it’s time the U.N. got some real teeth and passed a declaration that it will intervene immediately wherever genocide occurs. I did not read your original post, and I don’t know what your position is- how do you think it should be dealt with? It is a bit patronizing to assume that you are older than me, don’t you think?
    Sounds like you are the wise elder and I’m the naive kid, which is nowhere near the reality; in fact, I’m old!

  • Vigilante

    Andy, when you get to be a little older, you will use more care when you use those words,
    “at any cost”.

  • andy-dog

    There are many (including the other Sara) who say that using violence to deal with violence is a self-perpetrating circle and no answer to one group inflicting suffering on another, more helpless one. I wish genocide did not exist, but it does and it is a crime against all humanity and when it occurs it must be stopped, at any cost.

  • Vigilante

    Thanks for your reply. I’m not persuaded.

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