The Lovely and Talented Miss Vee!

Hey, Y’all!

I want to get the word out about something special happnening in chapel at the 9:00 am service on Sunday, February 15 at my home church,
First United Methodist Church, 1201 La Vaca, Austin, TX 78701.

During the recent Christmas Eve Brunch for the Homeless, I met a wonderful woman named Miss Vee (Verlina Hutchins), who I invited to come up
and play the piano. Well, needless to say, she was WONDERFUL! I asked for her contact info and then asked our pastors if they didn’t think we could
hire Miss Vee to come to chapel and play the piano for EVERYONE in chapel, and we could give her the offering for that day.

So, I’m pleased to let you know Kathleen, one of the ministers here, has made this happen! So, please come out and:

1) celebrate a new friend in our community who will be visiting and sharing her gifts with our congregation

2) come to meet a person you might not normally meet, one of God’s blessed children….

Maybe you are someone who is frightened or unsure of how to get to know folks who are enduring hard times, so I was
thinking how to engage our church with all kinds of people so we can extend God’s love and develop relationships
with those we might not otherwise get to know. I think it will help us to recognize those that need our love and help us to be
the hands of Christ, even when we are shy/uncertain on how to be those hands.

I hope you’ll come out and celebrate Miss Vee, spend a little time with her, and build a new relationship, even if just for the morning.

I won’t be able to attend because I’ll be up in Dallas, but I wanted to give you a heads up in case you can attend.