My friend, Brewster McCracken

I’m writing to my Austin friends to ask that you support Brewster McCracken for Austin mayor (election May 9).
You all know I don’t work on issues or with candidates I don’t believe in.
Below are just a few highlights of his positions and career that illustrate why I believe he is the best candidate
for Austin’s mayor. He is full of energy and ideas about an optimistic future for Austin that retains the spirit of this amazing city.

Please visit his site for more information – and if I’ve sold you on supporting him please list yourself as a ‘supporter’
(this is important to show our momentum); and if you can please donate to the campaign (maximum donation per person
is $350.00).

If you can, come out this Sunday and meet Brewster and hear what he has to say.
(Freddie’s on So. First at 4 PM.)

If you do decide to support Brewster please consider sending an email similar to this one to your network
of Austin friends & family asking for their support as well.
For now, thanks for your time & consideration.

1. On women’s issues…..If you like the fact that Austin has the country’s first “pharmacy refusal prohibition” policy, thank Brewster. That means that your doctor…not Walgreens (or whoever) decides what prescriptions you can get. No one can be turned away at the pharmacy. He was awarded the NARAL Pro-Choice Texas’ Texas Traiblazer award for his effort. When right wing activists were attempting to pressure contractors to stop working on Planned Parenthood’s Choice Clinic in South Austin, he convened strategy meetings with Planned Parenthood at City Hall, and he contacted Planned Parenthood’s contractors directly to urge them to stay on the job. He has spoken on behalf of Planned Parenthood’s Austin chapter at national conferences about Austin’s success in protecting reproductive rights.
2. On GLBT issues……Brewster is an outspoken supporter of marriage equality for gays and lesbians. He sponsored the charter election amendment that repealed the ban on domestic partner benefits….the first successful election in Texas history on a matter of civil rights for GLBTs. The Human Rights Campaign recognized him for his leadership at its 2007 awards dinner. He publicly opposed the state marriage ban in 2005, and he spoke at marriage equality rallies at Austin City Hall and the Texas Capitol.
3. On the environment and clean energy……Brewster is leading the Pecan Street Project – the city’s clean energy partnership with Environmental Defense Fund. He’s pushing solar energy and calling for a green jobs program to create 25,000 green collar jobs. Unlike Strayhorn, he believes that global warming is real. Unlike Leffingwell, he actually has ideas about that we can do about it.
4. On human services……When Strayhorn was slashing human services investments in Texas, Brewster led the effort locally that blocked proposed across the board budget cuts to Austin’s human services budget. He also led the successful effort to block budget cuts to AIDS Services of Austin.
5. On affordable housing……He worked directly with affordable housing advocates and developers for three years to create Austin’s first citywide affordable housing program. The final proposal was unanimously recommended by advocates and developers alike.
6. On supporting our creative class….And Brewster has been a staunch supporter of our creative class in Austin from the music community to our film and digital industries. He has the support of Richard Linklater, Sara Hickman, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Don Pitts, Robert Rodriguez, and Richard Garriott to name but a few.