Ah, good ol’ vinyl!

WHAT?! Vinyl?!

Yep, genuine rare Sara Hickman vinyl, available now,
and only here:


This is the latest update on the journey of updates from the desk
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  • Pete Muzyck

    Always wondered if those Elektra cassete singles that I had for Simply b/w Last Night Was a Big Rain (acoustic) & Equal Scary People b/w Claim on my Heart (acoustic) were on vinyl. At least I know now that the second one was. Hope my purchase goes smooth. Now just to figure out if Simply is out there somewhere in collector-land. Hard time finding it so far. Purchased the 4 Dots LP & CD from Sara long ago when Necessary Angels was released. Insert big smile here!!! Have the other ones on vinyl too, but this 45 was a real hard one. Hope it doesn’t take another 15 years to find the other.

  • Tilman Müller

    Where did this ol’ vinyl come from? Did it sleep under Sara’s bed, like some cassettes she offered this way a long time ago also in the internet (would like to know what was on these cassettes, I can’t remember now)? / The A-side of her first single “How can it be” can also be heard on the DVD “I Am Going On A Journey”. There you can visually see the cover of the single and hear the noise of a record groove in the background, the whole sound at this song being a bit tiny. Was this for artificial reasons or has the master tape been vanished? Would like to get it also in holographic surrounding hifi-quality with only a bid tape hiss left as background atmosphere. / / Many of Sara’s videos can be seen on her DVD’s, her internet sites, on YouTube and MySpace. But I found some other clips when I searched for her video “Blue Eyes Are Sensitive To The Light”. This can be seen at “http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/–2142629“, a Yahoo-site, worldwide. In a better quality it might also be enjoyable at “http://www.veoh.com/collection/Sara-Hickman-Music-Videos/watch/v16491556RRsMg43t#watch=v16491313A3pQKW9H”, but –for copyright reasons- only inside the USA. Also on “Veoh” I found two acoustic live clips dating from 1989 or 1990 as Christmas specials (for MTV/VH-1 ?): “http://www.veoh.com/collection/Sara-Hickman-Music-Videos/watch/v16491556RRsMg43t#” (I’ll Be Home For Christmas) and “http://www.veoh.com/collection/Sara-Hickman-Music-Videos/watch/v16491562pZgmnsmt#” (Winter Wonderland). How about putting this old stuff on another “Journey”-DVD with the new stuff since 2003? // The Truffle Pig