My Dad Is Laying in ICU in Houston

i can tell you my dad
would fall asleep when the t.v. was on
he loves m&ms
he loves to paint until 4:30 in the morning
he loves to read
he loves, with all his heart, matisse
he loves the color purple
his middle name is coleman
he has one sister
he has a little white dog named max that looks like a mop!
he has an orange cat with a smushy face
he was a marine
he lives in new ulm, tx in a house that has 14, 000 square feet!
he used to collect beanie babies and put them on his dash board
he made his own furniture
he once hand sewed himself a purple suit (pants and jacket)
he was a christian, for awhile, and painted a beautiful portrait of
jesus at the well
he was married three times
he teaches art
he has two daughters
he loved waylon jennings and jane (darn, can’t think of her name…french singer)
and a guy from “the dukes of hazard” who put out a record

his parents were named martha and al

he once painted kennedy on the beach in africa during his stint in the marines
(he was the only artist in the troops and the president was visiting)

he introduced me to herb alpert and the tijuana brass
he cried one time when he heard me singing “mr. bojangles”
the best time was driving across texas and up into arkansas together, just the two of us
to visit family in rogers, arkansas

he burned popcorn, once, when i was a kid and my mom was out of town! our whole
house smelled bad for an entire day

he had a quadruple by-pass the day i was recording “oh, daddy”
he went to scotland
he went to italy
he loved cigars
he has taught at the U of H since 1969

he cut the wierd fish off my line in padre island when i caught a
long slinky silver eel with gianormous eyes

that’s all i can think of right now


  • mike

    Oh no, Sara!

    I met your dad a while ago… maybe 1998(?). He came to hear you sing at McGonigals Mucky Duck. He was so proud of you, he smiled and beamed all night as you sang.

    I pray that he will be okay.

    Take care.

  • Tilman Müller

    Hello Sara, hope your dad is recovering! / The French singer, you couldn’t remember might be Jane Birkin. She is half British, half French, therefore the French-unlike name Jane. / Curious how else your popcorn passion gave trouble with your family… With a (normal) blinking eye to give you optimism: