Update on my Dad

I drove to Houston yesterday to see my dad again.

I stopped in La Grangeto have coffee with Mike and Ginger, at their ranch,
where I was blessed to have the first sign of the morning—a brand new
purple martin home that Mike had just put up the day before…and as I
popped out of my car, Mike excitedly said, “Look!” and up a-top of
the three story home, perched in the sky on a long, skinny pole, there
sat a beautiful, proud purple martin, warbling away.

“Welcome! This is your home!” Mike exclaimed. He then turned and
said, “You brought him with you…it’s our first one! I can’t believe
he found us!” and then he smiled and talked about the purple martin
house that Holly and Julie want to install in honor of my dad. I felt
very elated to see the purple martin, his new home, my friend, Mike,
happy as a clam, the song of the martin filling the air. A good sign,

After a blessed time of conversation and hugs, and little Tinker,
the fluffy, sweet dog sitting by my side, we said our goodbyes
and I got into my car to head off down the road.
As I was leaving the property, I pulled over off
the freeway, almost immediately!.
I saw a gigantic turtle about to make a ba-a-a-d decision.
Sitting at the edge of the freeway, considering a pass at
crossing across…
He was a heavy bloke, and although he was kicking frantically, I managed to
carry him across the busy road and into a reedy, wet swampy area.

“Good day, sir!” I said as I plopped him down, gently. “You are my second

There were some phone calls as I drove, updates on my dad and how
he might be moved from the facility he is currently at…This is all
very complicated and family related, so I won’t say more here. Just know
that I was trying to drive the way of the turtle—steady and calm,
knowing I would arrive just when I should. Listening to “Purple Martin”
by Brian Cutain, who had just handed me the song on Friday, also in
honor of my dad. And what a gorgeous, lilting, lovely song it is.
I was surrounded, in my car, by nature’s spirit.

I arrived to find my mom waiting for me in the reception area, and we
hugged and gathered ourselves and went up to see Dad.

Well, he was very bright eyed, and just since Saturday, he seems to
be more responsive, and my mom was surprised at how
healthy he looked. He seemed to follow my mom with his eyes around
the room, and that was very good news! I was able to talk with
one of his doctors, the head nurse, to talk with the COO, and that gave
us more information on my dad’s status. I was able to sit with him
for lengths at a time, just holding his hand, just talking about
art or life or helping the nurses with the variety of things they
have to do…letting dad know what was about to be injected or
helping him to relax.

This is all very nebulous, I know. It is for our family, too. I am trying
to walk the thin line of sharing information about my father, and
keeping his level of privacy, as well.

He is no longer on life support, but still being assisted and unable
to care for himself. I am hoping that he will continue to strengthen.
As my mom said in a beautiful prayerful email she sent this morning,
“Perhaps he will someday be able to paint, again…” That is his
life long passion, and I know if he is able to hold a paint brush again,
someday, that is what will happen. Art. And it will be astounding,
at that.

I have no doubt all the prayers on behalf of my dad are helping.
Thank you for keeping good thoughts of David in your mind
as you walk through your day. And hug/love/honor/celebrate those
you love as you see them/think of them…let them know they matter
to you. Help them to gather memories being made that they can treasure…

In gratitude,



    THE POWER OF PRAYER…..IT WORKS! I am crying so many tears of joy and happiness for your father, you and your family right now. THANK YOU, LORD. I can’t wait for Mr. David to see his Martin House, if even only in a photograph once it is installed!!!OH MY IS GOD GREAT, WONDERFUL AND GOOD!

  • Devin

    This is a really trying year, medically, for a lot of my friends and family. Your father is in my thoughts, as is you and your entire family. Much love and Letterman tortillas.