Weird and, yet, still wonderful

My dad has been moved and his wife will not communicate nor tell any of us
where she has moved him to…so, I would like to ask those of you in my sphere
to pray that: 1) my dad’s health improves 2) my dad’s wife will have a change
of heart and decide to share and 3) that we all just stay calm
during this weird time in life.

Sunday I went and saw Aubrey, one of the Super Pal Universe
band members, perform with her band, The Creepy Uncles,
at Saxon. I was so proud to see her up there, singing her own songs,
playing guitar (she’s fingering barre chords, now, too!) and she even
took a solo, but dang! no volume pedal or anyone at the board to
raise her solo, so I struggled to hear it. The band was great…men
with tattoos next to 15 year old smooth skinned Aubrey in her
blue and black plaid jumper dress! I still think the vocals should
be over the music, but I guess not eveyone agrees with me.
Too bad. I really wanted to, still, hear what she had to sing
about with her lyrics!

Super Pal Universe opened, and they sounded stellar. I could
really hear the gel in their vibe, and see the growth in their
musicianship (as well as height!) I got a lot of flack when I suggested
the kids learn “End of The World As We Know It’ by R.E.M., but
I was dead on RIGHT cuz it is really, really cool to hear Aubrey
belting out the words. Evan’s mic wasn’t hot enough, so couldn’t hear
his backing vox, but I could hear Livvy, who has grown ever more
confident in her playing. Rush was slamming on the drums, right in
the pocket. He’s always had it, from day one. Evan’s lead playing
was sure footed, too, and he’s grown into himself, although he
has always been a delight to work with. Cool and confident.
Jacob has finally caught up with the other kids—he used to
be the shortest, but now they are all eye level. He’s born to
be an entertainer. It’s in his blood. My heart hurt a little with
an ache for things that could have expanded with that group,
but, overall, I was just a proud mamasita watching her brood
jam out the jams! Aubrey sounded REALLY confident in SPU,
her vocals now memorized, a part of her physicalality. It takes
a while to “own” a song, to make it your own. I could see
that is what has happened with the entire group.

It’ s nice to be in the Saxon with no smoke.

Then went and heard Cary Cooper at the Journey Church up
north. Wow oh wow. Loved her songwriting, loved seeing
how her brain works, loved the timbre and quality of her
voice—nothing fancy, just right to the point with a hint
of smoke (not the kind that used to be at the Saxon, mind you.
Watching her perform with her husband, Tom, was very gratifying
and not silly or sexy or nutty. Just sure and loving. Cool place, too.
Looking forward to singing there. Saw Kristin, she was shining, as
ever, and sat in with Cary and Tom and it sounded magical,

Came home to the family. Wanting to be with them more than
ever these days.

I sing at Nutty Brown tonight. Hope there will be some families there….


  • Tilman Müller

    That’s really sad, that there are such conflicts in a situation where personal difficulties should no longer be dealed out in respect to your dad’s health situation. Don’t you have a legal right, being his own daughter, to have contact with your father, as long as he doesn’t refuse it? Are there no social arbitration committees to mediate between the conflict groups? Hope you’ll find a solution and your dad’s recovery doesn’t suffer under this all! Best wishes

  • Chad

    I’m really sorry to hear this about your Dad, and that his wife has chosen this course of action. It’s upsetting to know some can be so selfish.

  • Jesse Jackson

    Thinking good thoughts for your father, your family and of course you. Sending you much love and prayers!

  • andy-dog

    We will continue to pray that your Dad is getting better and will be able to contact you soon on his own. I am happy you have the girls and Lance to go home to; that must be a great comfort; I know it would be for me.

    The Other Sara and I went to see Tom PR and Cary at Calvin’s two weeks ago; they had a full house and everyone was laughing and having fun. Little Hannah got major stage fright when she was asked by her Mom to come up and sing, but after a little coaxing from Cary and the audience, she sang a very nice version of “Blackbird”, with Tom backing her up on guitar. She got a standing ovation. Maybe she will grow up to be a ham like her mother!! Tom and I have discussed having him help me finish up my CD in June, after KFF. I think he will like the stuff you and I recorded last spring.

    Keep in touch and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Love, andy-dog & Sara