Ha ha ha! Me the night Elektra discovered me in Kansas City/1989


  • Mike McGee


    Man, I like his look; I remember it well since that’s “the look” goin’ on when I first discovered Sara for myself @ Forver Young Records in Denton. And how cool is it – to have a photo from that historical night, the nigth “it” all happened? So amazing.

  • howard thompson

    I remember it well. In fact, the drinks of choice that night were “fuzzy navels”. Several of them. We played pinball, too. You nailed the deal with Claim On My Heart – ht

  • Tilman Müller

    It was 20 years ago today, Sara Hickman taught the lads to say “Hey!”… – I guess that took you the boots off and made your shoulders grow… says Sgt. Müller

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