Changes at KUT….aaargh!

Big changes at KUT.
Larry and Paul were cut from most of their programming.
Larry will still do Blue Monday. Only.
Paul will still do Twine Time. Only.

There’s a post at the Statesman blog with comments from readers (listeners/fans).

Please let your feelings be know – at that posting and directly to KUT.

Give them a call:
main: 512-471-1631
business fax: 512-471-3700
news fax: 512-232-5441
requests: 512-471-2345
Their mailing address:
KUT Radio
University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station A0704
Austin, Texas 78712

Here’s what I posted at the Statesman blog:

John Aielli is not only a genius, a DJ who still reads liner notes ON AIR and cares
about the back story of the song/music/musicians, but he has been the guiding
light and voice of KUT for as long as I have been a listener, supporter, and, yes,
an occassional guest musician………..FIrst they got rid of FEMME FM with Teresa Ferguson,
which was absolutely astounding and helped new, undiscovered and old-time favorite female
musicians have a place in the world of radio…and that was completely LUDICROUS…Paul Ray
, Larry Monroe, Jay Trachtenberg….these guys are the family and make KUT over the top. I can
NOT believe KUT continues to ignore the gems it has mined over the years to create one of a
kind radio—-the last of a dying breed—to sell out and start making blah-blah radio that
no one is going to listen to. Keep Austin weird and keep it the “live music capitol of the world?”
THEN KEEP KUT ECCLECTIC and functioning at a high level of thought, creativity and let the
DJS rule. They know what they are doing and changing any more of it will kill the soul of
the very essence of KUT.