Workout Drill….Here’s What Happens, you see…Starts like this….

Hey Sara!!!

Here is a list of the Drills and stretches we begin every workout with.

King Fitness Card #1
Drills (10 to 15 yards each)
A skips, Knees up and down x 2
B skips, knees up, over, and down x 2
High knee (sewing machine) x 2
Butt Kicks x 2
Swan Lake, (shuffle foot to foot and swing arms) x2

Stretches, counts of 8
1. Legs together and down x 2
2. Cross right over left then left over right x 2
3. Legs Wide, down to both sides and to the middle x 2
4. Quad stretch, (grab leg and pull up from behind x 2
5. Runners stretch each leg, x 2
6. Leg swings for both legs, Front to back, side to side, step overs x 1
7. High Knee in place, Fast Feet, Jumping Jacks x2
8. Squats, Push ups, and Rotations (side to side for core) x2

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Executive Fitness Coach
Creator of 100 Days to Life*
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  • Tilman Müller

    Butt if you’re a king of burger and more exercising with remote controls: ask your local medical buddy first not to get stoned by a “Jumping Jack Flash”. Otherwise you might practise on “100 Days to Live”… .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)