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  • The Austin Zoo Release Party

    Wow! What a great evening…! Tonight, we celebrated the release of BIG KID
    at the Austin Zoo…lots of new faces, happy families and wonderful friends.
    The weather was lovely: sunny and warm. There was a parrot who screeched happily in the background…

  • Israeli Pilots

    This morning I read in the paper how a group of 27 Israeli reserve pilots have signed a petition refusing to take part in what they felt were “illegal and immoral” strikes in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


  • Jhumpa Lahiri

    I really loved her book, ” Interpreter of Maladies “, a collection of short stories that I thought were exquisitely written.

    I’m excited that she has released her first novel, “The Namesake.” Can’t wait to read it!

    Today, Gene Cowan comes to…

  • I love my children so very much

    The way they look at the world and give me feedback on what they are thinking.
    The way iolana laughs til the stars sparkle. The way Lily can imitate a guinea pig.
    The sound of their singing two seperate songs full voice…

  • The Stuff that Won’t Stop!!!

    I can not believe this. THERE IS MORE STUFF. When will it stop pouring out of my closet???

    Tonight, I unearthed:

    A) The NECESSARY ANGELS tour book, Jan 25-Feb19, 1995. Blue Sky paper front
    in under slick plastic cover. About 29 pages of…

  • Memories for Sale

    Over the years, I’ve collected a vast vault of STUFF that has to do with my musical career—posters, paintings, recordings, you name it. I’d like to sell some of these things to raise money to hire a publicist for my…

  • Bowling for Columbine

    Watch this movie. Right now. Whatever you are doing, if you haven’t seen this film by Michael Moore, please go out and rent it immediately. (On the DVD, there is an additional section in which Moore talks about winning the…

  • TV Day

    Last night I was in the studio for three hours working on three songs with my pal, Marty Lester, for a new nationally televised children’s show. I found out yesterday about the need for a theme song, and I was…

  • Right to Write

    When is it right to write? Does everyone have the right to write? Does writing have
    to be right to be good?

    Any time. Yes. No.

    So many people ask me these questions:

    Most frequently asked: “How do you write?”