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  • Being A Spider/Being Human

    Being human is fascinating. But, then, I could have been Tim, our garden spider.

    If I was Tim…

    I could have watched in fascination as a mom-being and her seven year old (who’ve captured a really hideously large, slimy cockroach from…

  • Baby Mice!

    We have seven baby mice born about five hours ago! Come and see! Mom and Dad are doing well…nesting and looking pretty calm for having created such a big crew.
    The babies have no hair (nor eyes!), but they can yawn…

  • Lily Flower

    I had an idea.

    I’ve been working on mixing the new children’s cd, BIG KID. But I realized I needed a song from children to their parents…a song idea was born…(it could also apply for partners in a relationship…)

    The song is…

  • Arnold Reagan

    Ronald Schwarzenegger…Say, has anyone else noticed that “Arnold” can spell “Ronald”? It’s an anagram (I think that’s what they’re called.)