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  • Baby Mice!

    We have seven baby mice born about five hours ago! Come and see! Mom and Dad are doing well…nesting and looking pretty calm for having created such a big crew.
    The babies have no hair (nor eyes!), but they can yawn…

  • Lily Flower

    I had an idea.

    I’ve been working on mixing the new children’s cd, BIG KID. But I realized I needed a song from children to their parents…a song idea was born…(it could also apply for partners in a relationship…)

    The song is…

  • Arnold Reagan

    Ronald Schwarzenegger…Say, has anyone else noticed that “Arnold” can spell “Ronald”? It’s an anagram (I think that’s what they’re called.)

  • A Lake of Love

    Do you ever feel like your heart is so full of love you are just going to explode?

    I felt that way last night. I loved the audience and every single person on stage
    like I was a blubbering seal finding it’s…

  • Seattle

    I love having someone pick me up at the airport! Although it is nice knowing I can be self-sufficient, dragging around two guitars, a backpack AND a suitcase by myself (yes, my arm muscles are lovely!), the feeling of walking…

  • Pillowman

    Charles Kuralt meets Spongebob with the gentle sway of Linus.
    Not an ounce of cynicism. A spoonful of extra sweet that doesn’t make you gag.
    Takes you back to when you could ride your bike all day without fear of being too…

  • Oh, to fly

    There was a nighthawk flying over my head last night at the softball game.
    I first noticed it as I got pummeled at homeplate, my glove flying off of my left hand, an “oomph!” bursting from me as I hit the…

  • Overtime for my brain

    i’ve been thinking a lot about anteaters, david sedaris, why 3-D glasses tire the eyes, how to find more quiet time with my husband, and why glass can be melted down into sand.

    i’ve been thinking about child labor, diamond mines,…

  • Portrait of the Artist as a 40 Year Old Woman

    The thought of being creative isn’t really something an artist sits around and ponders. There isn’t time.

    What they do sit around and ponder is amazingly ludicrous. I remember in third grade staring at my hands, poring over my skin…