Since she started performing at the age of seven, Sara Hickman has been embraced by both followers and critics. The Associated Press proclaims, “Seek out her albums and club shows for her melodic sense, excellent guitar playing, rich voice and mix of sunny optimism with heartache.” Hickman’s home state of Texas loves her too, naming her the “Official State Musician of Texas,” joining luminaries such as Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett.

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  • Episode 9: Dan Bullock and Forrest Preece December 20, 2018
    What two Austin icons have been movers and shakers for decades in politics, philanthropy, and writing? Which one was in a band that opened for the Beatles? Which one survived the 1966 UT Tower shooting? What’s the connection between two other Texas treasures: Liz Carpenter and the storied journalist’s watering hole, the Headliner’s Club? Whose […]
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John Aielli interviews Sara on “Eklektikos”, touching on her music retirement and her new project “An Eclectic Array of Texas Musicians Coloring Book.”

Salt of the Earth

This new, collaborative cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Salt of the Earth” is in honor of ALL the hard working people around the world who deserve to be heard, to receive a living wage, to have a home of their own.

My belief is that everyone deserves a safe, healthy and war free environment with intelligent, compassionate leaders who, truly, care about our freedoms (and don’t waste our time, money or emotional energy.) We have the right to create the peaceful, inclusive and joyful world we want to share.

You can get the song here, with proceeds going to non-profits (you can see who they are on my necessary angels website):

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