Hatching May 9, 2006

dear friends and friends i've yet to meet,

the cold chill of january has seeped into my office, but even though my fingers are numb, i will not be deterred in my desire to send you an official happy new year's greeting!

may this year be the one you create!

ok, here's some heads-up on where i'll be spreading music and love... and don't forget... MAY 9 is the official release date of MOTHERLODE, my new adult cd. yes, yes! a new birth in the long line of cds... and this one will be twins because there are two discs chock full of new songs! one disc contains happy, upbeat, hopeful, funny, sexy songs about relationships... from a wife, mom, lover, friend, musician... and the other cd is songs of universal sadness, concern and thoughts on the state of being a woman in today's world.... so, you can choose your mood and slip in the disc that supports you where you are.... or alter your mood!


January 26, this Thursday....Rutumaya, Austin, TX 8:00pm...solo show

January 31....Austin Seminary Performance, Austin, TX

Feb 2 & 3....Early Childhood Development Conference at St. Lukes United Methodist in Houston, Texas (four sessions)

Feb 4...my friend and keyboard player marries his sweetheart in Mexico! Congratulations to Eddy and Kristen!

Feb 7...State Theater, Austin, TX, 7 pm

Feb 10-13....National Folk Alliance in Austin, TX...I'll be doing four different shows, including a children's show....check my calendar for listings/locations

Feb 14....A day of gratitude for all of you and all the kindness you have bestowed upon me, my music and my family. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you!

More to come.....I'll be at Dan Electro's in Houston, there will be record release parties in Houston, Austin, Dallas and, of course, the Kerrville Folk Festival.

Trying to set up a tour to come to your town, so let us know which towns that would be so we can GET ON IT! Also, if you feel so inclined, send the name of the club or house concert that you'd like to see me appear at....and we'll do our best to make that happen! email me at sara@sarahickman.com.

Read my blog, www.zenlala.com, to learn more about my snake, Jeff Goldblum, or to hear my podcasts... or just because you want to read something to pass the time!

Also, support people around the world working tirelessly to make life better for others in their communities... go to www.necessaryangels.org and see how you can get involved! These are all groups I have worked with or believe in.

Sending big New Year's kisses and glasses of bubbling apple cider,

PS... Check out the following sites of people doing great things in their communties.... Let us know if you have a site you want us to share.... we can't share every submission every newsletter, but we want to support you in your endeavor, so we'll pick some now and then to post in the newsletter.

Campaign Kelli Baby Hats

in memory of Kelli Nemecek, these sparkling red baby hats are being sold to raise funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. the goal is 100 hats... but wouldn't 200 be fantastic? your contribution honors & commemorates the life of a very dear daughter, sister, wife, friend and loved one to many.

"She was a beautiful young woman from Dallas who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. For many, her face and words represented the story of the courage and conviction of all cancer patients and researchers. They, along with volunteers, friends and staff throughout the country, share a relentless pursuit for a cure."

- Dwayne Howell, President & CEO, Leukemia Lymphoma Society

For more information about battling blood cancers visit: http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org

An Update on Gracie

here is an update on gracie...remember the little girl who i wrote the song "i wish you well" for? well, she is doing great! Gracie's mom reports:

Gracie entered an art contest through the "Leukemia Lymphoma Society", and her drawing went to Capital Hill and will be used for future promotional items, I think a calendar. Her drawing was called "A Garden of Peace". It was a rainbow with flowers underneath it. We are so proud.

Gracie's mom Suzanne has just opened a fun business creating custom promotional novelties. Her website at http://www.starnovelties.com includes a section on special causes. Because non-profit and hospital groups supported her family, she is working to support them in return with special help and pricing.

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