Lucky You
A Sara eNewsletter for March 18, 2005

hello, everyone!

today i had some chocolate gelato while sitting outside in the sunshine with my kids on a sofa made of green grass. it was soft. it was spring!

here is all the news that is fit to print in the world of sara hickman: the super pal universe! the place where art and music make pals out of us all. (at least that's the underlying theory!)


march 22, husband and i will be having dinner with hillary clinton! i am sure to blog about this, so stay tuned...!

march 23, wed...noon, austin, tx live on KUT to promote upcoming symphony show

march 25, friday, 8:30ish am...austin, tx live on KGSR to promote symphony show

march 26...saturday, austin...bass performance hall, 2 pm
my big debut with the austin symphony, peter bay conducting!!! yes, i will be performing my children's songs with an 80 piece orchestra and i hope that you will come out and SING A LONG! the schedule is tight (meaning i can't chat), so if you already know the tunes, will you please join in? sing loud, sing proud. kelly willis will also be on the it promises to be a big blonde bombshell of mighty moms in a bandshell swell festival! (say that five times fast!)

this is also the 50th wedding anniversary of my mother and father-in-law...congratulations, ron and gert!!!

march 28...monday....6 am - 6 pm., austin, lost creek country club.. i'm walking the walk, people! i will be hitting 100 holes of golf for the foundation for the homeless....and you can sponsor me...! help spread the spirit of love, compassion and hope to homeless families struggling through crisis. just go to and make a pledge by using paypal. here's how you do it: when you log on to the website, click on the marathon golf link...then click on "pledge here." at the bottom of the screen, click on "i would like to make a donation on behalf of a golfer"...and then that's it! just fill in the team name (Team Sara) and follow instructions. bless you for helping others!

(and to those who donated for the recent CROP walk my family attended, thank you for helping us feed others around the world!)

april 4, monday...austin, tx...bob bullock museum...6:30-8 pm texas medal in the arts....private event...performing with the super pal universe (adult show)

april 5, tuesday...austin...texas medal in the arts awards program...performing one song with lyle lovett, vicki carr, yolanda adams, ray benson & asleep at the wheel, patti griffin and others...a big musical revue of styles in ONE SONG!!! (private event as well)

april 6, wednesday...texas library association convention, austin convention center....8:00-8:30am...opening for cokie roberts!!

april 7, thurs....texas library association convention, same location... i'll be delivering "where our words take us" to thousands of librarians... 9:00-9:50 a.m.

april 13, wed...austin, tx CASA event, honoring colleen barrett, president of southwest airlines.... austin marriott at the capitol...6:30 pm i'll be singing with children and emceeing this raise more awareness of CASA (court appointed special advocates) and all they do to help children around can check out the voice overs i was honored to do on my website, or over on the right side of this newsletter.


going in the studio: i'll be starting on my next recording in june...!!!

returning to kerrville in june, as well...yippee!!!

and my grandma, meema, turns 100 in june!!!!!!!!!!

for those of you that wrote daisy sour cream and thanked them for having me sing, i want to say thank you!!! the new campaign is under way and, sadly, after eight years, i will no longer be singing the campaign..however, my friend, alice, got the spot and it is ADORABLE!!! the song is the catchiest one yet and her voice is full of will love it!!

more dates in the next newsletter...i'll be returning to jefferson freedom cafe for another children's and adult show...a mothers tea party in may...a big red sun event...

until next time, thank you for all your letters, support and love. i couldn't ask for a greater group of souls....

oh, before i end this letter....let me ask: if you could have me sing a duet with any male singer, who would you like it to be? send your suggestions to!

bless you,
with gratitude and love,
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