Hello, Everybody!

IT'S SPRING! Doncha just love all the color everywhere? (Except for the people still in snow. Well, snow is lovely, too! Especially when you turn it into snow angels!)

Whew! What a whirlwind it has been since I last wrote. If you'd like to catch up on what's been going on in the Super Pal Universe, feel free to check out my blog (http://www.zenlala.com) for further details. I'm also in the process of writing Ellen DeGeneres as often as possible through the blog. You know, you can't have a dream come true if you don't put it out there! Come join me in the hilarity and subtleties of life!


MOTHERLODE has had it's release date pushed back to June 9...why? Well, because I am going into a joint venture with Mesa Blue/Fontana/Universal for major distribution...so, you should be able to find the new record in Virgin Megastores, Best Buy, Borders, etc. This is exciting for me because I will now be partnering with a larger company, but still retaining ownership of the masters and Sleeveless (my label) will have more power to boot. Thank you to George Nauful for being a creative business man, and to Rob Sides (General Manager of Sleeveless) for introducing us and getting the ball rolling! Watch for the NEW website coming March 31...Gene has really done a beautiful job! And you'll get hints of what is to come with the artwork for the new cd....

NAPPA has released a collection of cds with winners for best children's music, and my song for Lily, "It's Alright", is included on the cd entitled "Classic Lullabies". The set also includes songs by Stormy Weather, Tom Chapin, Kenny Loggins, Gene Miller, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer...

Check out Gallery Store 37! This is a great art gallery we discovered on our trip to Chicago. This isn't just a store for art's sake, but assists young people into becoming contributing artists with a unique job training program in the arts. All proceeds go back into funding the program that makes the storefront, and training, possible. Check them out at http://www.gallery37.org

Thanks to the good folks at Jefferson Freedom Cafe...on a whim, I talked about the Tanner Romania Mission and turned my set list into a giant "we love you" card, complete with donations. $200 will be sent to Romania! Thank you!

the tanner romania mission is currently putting an addition onto the boys home they have built for orphans. if you would like to make additional donations, please send them to: gloria allread, 1rst C.C.C.C., 115 west 5th street, greenville, OH, 45331...thank you for helping to save a life!!!

Jan Laramie, one of our necessary angels, passed away after a long battle with Huntington's Disease. Jan and Phil have been faithful and kind supporters of my music...if anyone would like to make a donation on behalf of this beautiful woman, memorials can be sent to:
The Huntington Disease Society of America
8039 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63119

And my dear friend, Barry Wilbern, passed after an accident while working on a beloved building. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I knew Barry since 1981...

Upcoming appearances

For more upcoming appearances, check out Sara's site at http://www.sarahickman.com/shows/

March 25...Sara workshop with Austin Songwriter's Group...10 a.m. at Threadgills...First and Barton Springs...$20...event lasts 10-2pm. Bring your guitar/songs for Sara's one hour workshop and learn how to take your songs to another level

March 26...Mother/Daughter Book club...We just finished reading "Ragweed"...so we'll be discussing the mice and the cats. Check it out and start your own club!

March 27...writing with Rachel Loy...new songs to come!

March 28...Lake Pointe Elementary School performance, 10 am. Singing and jumping up and down with the kids!

March 31...Private house concert in Houston at the Gilmores

April 1...Denton, TX...Texas Storytelling Festival...children's show around 3 pm, and then opening for Brave Combo around 6 or 7 (check their website for more info) Should be an excellent day!

April 6...Austin, TX....7:00 pm...Sara sings at CURVES for ladies only! Come enjoy a night of song/stories/laughter/tears with Sara at her very own workout joint! We will also be raising awareness and funds for the Tanner Romania Mission...so bring gently used toys/blankets 512-444-4287 for more information and location...$10

April 8...Dallas, TX...103.7 FM presents "Eggstravaganza"... Sara to do a children's show at 10 am

8:30 pm...Later that same day, also in Dallas, at BEND STUDIO, 5014 McKinney Avenue....214-841-9642...This venue is very intimate with only 90 seats...$25

APRIL 9....Austin, TX....Music in the Park for the Arts...Barton Hills Elementary Fundraiser for Music and Art funding in the school... 1-8 pm, Sara plays for families at 4:45-6pm....School funding for arts has been slashed 25%, so please come enjoy Trish Murphy, Darden Smith, Carrie Rodriguez, Natural Causes and Sara while supporting arts for kids!

April 15...Austin, TX...Girl Scout Lone Star Council Event...Sara and other local leaders talk with girls about careers

April 17th...5th annual Universal Living Wage Tax Day Event! Go to your local Post Office and call for a Universal Living Wage, which would be a single national formula that ensures anyone working 40 hours in a week would be able to afford basic food, shelter and have access to health care.

Many American business have grown to rely on government subsidies to pick up a portion of the basic wage...Workers are forced in ever increasing numbers to rely on food stamps and general assistance. Congress originally intended for these to be emergency, stop gap measures. If businesses paid employees a fair living wage, we could dramatically reduce the burden on tax payers! Select a post office in your city where the media show up every year to report last minute tax filers...Then call or email us with that address at rrtroxell@aol.com with "tax day" in the subject. We will send you a 4' by 10' banner that says: REDUCE YOUR TAXES!

Visit www.UniversalLivingWage.org to see photos of past Tax Days and "Bridge the Economic Gap Day" held in September 2005. I attended the September event here in Austin....

"You shall not abuse a needy and destitute laborer, whether a fellow countryman or a stranger...You must pay him his wages on the same day, before the sun sets, for he is needy and sets his life on it..."
Deuteronomy 24:14-15

Until next time...

I wish you well,
I wish you love
I wish you all I can...

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