Lucky You
A Sara eNewsletter for May 27, 2005

hi, super pals!

evenings here in austin find my family outside in the
front yard playing softball. we have been enjoying
watching the girls learn how to hold the bat, how to
hit with the bat, how to whack the grass with the bat.
ah, summer is here!

hope you all are enjoying some coconut creme pie. when
i was twelve, i got a bee in my bonnet, rode my bike
to the store, and made five of those very pies before
my mom got home from work. we had pie for weeks!

this is the shortest newsletter you will ever get from

upcoming dates:

sat, may 28...sara performs one of the monologues in
THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES as a guest of the
cast....Zachary Scott Theatre, Austin

sun, may 29...threadgills world headquarters, austin,
family show from 3-4 pm and adult show 8-9:15 pm

sat/sun june 4 &5...kerrville folk festival,
kerrville, tx...i will be doing kids shows on saturday
and sunday afternoons and have the band (the super pal
universe) for the main stage show sunday night 8 pm
(check for exact times)

june the studio working on my new album!!!
(for adults!!!)

tues, june 14 i will be in dallas at highland mall for
flag day/family show
12:15-1 pm

sat, june 18, southlake masterworks performance,
bedford, tx...7:30-
8:30 pm....bring lawn chairs and enjoy the evening
while i sing to you!

tues, june star trails...i go to sing for
children with cancer...

friday, june 24...austin sunshine camp, austin,
tx...outdoors at zilker park...benefit for children
with cancer 11:15-12:15 (this is an all day event for

sending love and praying for a peaceful planet,
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