Motherlode Release Party - June 17, Ruta Maya, Austin

a sara hickman enewsletter for june 1, 2006

Dear Super Pals,

We are very excited here at Super Pal Universal Headquarters!!! The weeks are flying by...and the countdown to June 20, the release of MOTHERLODE, is about to explode!

Thanks to all of you already hard at work calling stations and asking for Sara music! We appreciate you, truly, we do...In a world where so many changes are happening faster than the blink of an eye, family and friends are the one constant we can all depend on. I love you and I thank you for blessing me (and my band) with all of your support.

I'd like to personally invite each of you to come to our cd release party on June 17th at RUTA MAYA, Austin, Tx....with full band! We will have cds at the party, (so you can get one 3 days before they arrive in stores!) and we are more than happy to decorate them for you with our love and happiness! 9 pm... tickets only $10, available at the door. Check out for more info!

Also, the morning will start off with fun at BIG RED SUN with a children's show by none other than yours truly...So, you can have a full day of Saranading....!!! 9:30 am... two more shows in July and August, for a great Super Pal Summer!
Download the Super Pal poster here.

Tee shirts for "Motherlode" are now available!!! Pick one up at a Sara Show or online at

If you pre-order "Motherlode", 10 lucky winners will find a GOLDEN TICKET inside their order. The ticket invites you plus one person to a show for free entry and to meet with me (and the band, if they are with me at the time) before or after the show, where we will share our snacks and tales of the road! And you can tell us what's up with you in person!!!

As the CD release date approaches, Team Sara is asking for your help in getting out the word. Street Angels, we're looking for you! To learn how to earn your Street Angel wings, just visit

Reviews are starting to come in for "Motherlode," including this one from
Musically, thematically, even spiritually, this two-disc meditation on motherhood and the joys and frustrations of women is the most wildly ambitious release of the veteran Texan's career. After channeling her talents into a series of children's albums in recent years, Sara Hickman returns to thoroughly adult concerns (as the cover illustration from the Kama Sutra attests). Though her style has long straddled folk and pop, the richness of these arrangements underscores the depth of her lyrics. On "To a Maddening Ghost," the melodic sophistication and inventive section support a desperate prayer, a lullaby for the sleepless, while the stirring lead guitar from David Grissom (Joe Ely, Dixie Chicks) brings "Living in Quiet Desperation" to a strong, almost triumphant finale. In addition to the eclecticism of her own material, Hickman offers a surprising range of covers, including a somber reading of Tears for Fears' "Mad World," a jazzy recasting of the Rolling Stones' "Mother's Little Helper," an inspirational reading of Peter Himmelman's "This Too Shall Pass," and a rendition of the traditional "Wagoner's Lad" that evokes Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention. The discs split in terms of mood, with despair dominant on the first and happiness permeating the second, as the seven-minute "My Mama's Hands" (with harmonies from Kelly Willis) provides a bridge of generational continuity.

Sending summer time love and hope to see you soon!

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