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A Summery Sara eNewsletter for August 3, 2005

hello, everybody!

we have been having a summer of excitement here in old austin, texas--highs and lows and travel and water and family and pets and rock-n-roll---and sometimes pet rocks and low water. i do hope your summer has been all you could have dreamed!

next week, i start mixing my new album, "motherlode". it will be arriving in the springtime, and i am bursting at the seams with happiness about it all.

you know, i never finished telling you the #1 musical moment in my TOP TWENTY count down. (if you haven't read the first nineteen, greg d has done a marvelous job keeping track of all of them. just click on the link at the bottom of the letter.)

here, then, is the NUMBER 1 MOMENT IN THE TOP TWENTY COUNTDOWN (followed by some upcoming dates)

1996...kerrville folk is hot, hot, hot and the sky is dark, dark, dark. there, out in the darkness, sitting on wooden benches and chairs and blankets and dancing barefoot in the dirt, i can hear the rustling of an audience, enjoying the music, enjoying the night.

it is time. rod is calling to us. "time to come up," he is saying. time to cross the line of hu du man, the invisible line that the japanese believe exists between back stage and out front. crossing that line, you become someone more than yourself. you become the muse.

before i even cross that line, i have changed. it has been a long year of joy and confusion and sorrow. i am no longer just a musician, but a woman who has recently had her first child. a woman who has been singing to the new life inside her, feeling the pulse of jubilation, the thrust of expansion, elbows and knees and occassional hiccups...growing from a hippie chick to a person who has come to understand the circle of life takes precedence over every nuance. being a mother changed me for the better.

i am walking on to a stage, ready to sing, ready to enjoy this night. my baby is asleep in the arms of my dear friend, diana, in the little house backstage. i feel strong, i feel elated.

the music is shared, and i am bouncing. the applause is resounding. i am elated, yet, in the midst of rod's calling for me to return for an encore, i hear a high-pitched sound that makes every fiber in my being ache, it causes me to snap to attention and look, feverishly, through the groups milling around for the person attached to it...where is my baby? why is she crying?

the applause has woken her up, she is frightened. diana has come to the sidelines, she is holding lily, looking to me, and i cross to her faster than lightening. rod is getting impatient, understandably, asking me to come out and do one more song. i can not leave my child. rod is staring at me...."COME ON," his eyes are shouting.

i make a decision. i walk to the microphone. my heart is beating a thousand miles, my child is calm, content, on my shoulder. her eyes are open, but her trust is immediate. we are connected.

i am standing, alone, with my baby. i am looking out into the waiting night. everyone calms down. i ask a question. i ask the audience to help me.

i say to them, "thank you" and how wonderful this honor has been, to be on this stage. i ask them to help me as my baby has woken up, the sound of hands clapping too much for tiny ears. i explain that i will sing one more song, would they be willing not to clap at the end?

it is hard, to hold one's applause: it is what we, as a society, know and understand to share with an artist our delight in their having shared with us their gifts...and, speaking as a musician, it is a feeling of great accomplishment to know the audience is happy, that they are with you in this vulnerable condition.

i don't know how many people were there that night. i have been told 6,000 people were in the fields, waiting. i can not tell you. but i can tell you this.

singing "it's alright", singing with all my heart, with a new heart on my chest, beating silently into sleep, and looking out into that good night was a memory i shall cherish forever. it was the audience's gift to the last note slipped from my lips, i held on as long as i could, and then, gently, without disturbing my daughter, placed a solitary finger to my lips...and not a hand stirred. not one person clapped, or called out...we were united, the friends of music and me...and it was the lullaby of all peoples, to feel the love from all around, to hear the crickets chirping. to know that this song was carried out on the wind into only god knows where, but the moment was ours and ours alone.
what an astounding blessing.

thank you for allowing me to share these countdowns with you....
i have many other stories, but i will save them to share with you in person at my shows...i hope to share more experiences with you at these....

august 5, 6 & 7...this weekend in austin....i'll be teaching creativity at the crossings, a beautiful spa resort in the hill country... on the 6th, i'll also be performing in concert at the crossings, and you're all welcome to attend! check out my website ( for ticket info.

august 15, monday...corpus christi, texas....the burning bush coffee house...this is such a relaxing setting with great folks! come hang on the beach, check out the corpus christi art museum and hear music in one fell swoop!

august 19...friday...OKLAHOMA CITY!!! ok, blue door people, come on out and rock with me after an 8 year absence!!!

august 20...saturday....dallas, tx...tom noe's house concert!!! i'm very excited to be at tom's house...!!!

august 28...sunday...austin, zona rosa....a benefit children's show for ANY BABY CAN, which helps local families

hey! if you are interested in my daily banterings/musings/rantings, please visit, where i keep an online journal.

also, i'd like to thank gene for creating a NEW hope you will visit soon and make a puzzle, print out coloring pages, listen to the online radio station or check out some pix!

until next time, keep peaceful thoughts and water those plants,

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