Be the change you want to see
A Call to Action for September 2, 2005

Come join us this Tuesday, Sept 6 at the protest for a UNIVERSAL LIVING WAGE in YOUR CITY....Visit to find out where and time...ALL 50 STATES ARE HAVING THIS EVENT SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Come speak out on behalf of the poor in your town who deserve to have a living wage. Come raise your voice to bring change to your community. Stand with me and my bringing yours. Bring your neighbors and friends. Signs and a giant banner will be provided....if you are in Austin, bring canned goods, diapers, peanut butter, bottled water and I will see that it is taken to the Capital Area Food Bank for immediate assistance to the people who are arriving in Austin for relief.

OUR SITE IN AUSTIN: Riverside at South Lamar (pedestrian bridge) at 4:30 pm

Why is a Universal Living Wage important? Because poverty doesn't have to exist. When people make a living wage, they can have fair and decent housing, they can take care of their children, they can have transportation to get to their job. There is no "us" and "them." It is only one nation, torn apart by those that have and those that have not. The outcome of poverty is being felt in the aftermath of Katrina. Every single one of the families who could not leave Louisiana and Mississippi due to poverty could have been self-sufficient had they had living wages. We must, as a community, start treating our sisters and brothers with the dignity that all human beings deserve.

This is an awful time. WE MUST NOT GIVE UP. We must move forward and be a mass of united protest for change. If you can not attend on Tuesday, do not let another minute go by without making change begin now. Make phone calls. Be outraged and tell people in DC how you feel. I know if you are on my email list, you are one of the people who is already making change. I am grateful to you.

We must continue to promote the good we want to have happen, Join me.

In God's Grace and Love,

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