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Hello, Everybody!

School is in session! Austin City Limits Festival is
right around the corner! New website! I went bowling
three times in one week this summer! News galore! Read
on for more!


We've been working hard here at the Super Pal Universe
Headquarters to bring you a band o' plenty...that's
right, there are now 5 teens that make up the band,
Super Pal Universe, and you can read all about what is
happening with the kids, the tv show-to-be, our
appearances, how your kids can submit "Kid Vids" for
the site, our coloring book, and the new non-profit
arm of SPU called Change 4 Change that will be giving
out grants!!!!... gosh, gobs galore and lots

I have a new video for the song, "Always a Saint" that
was created by Ralph Sulser of Blue Tractor TV. Click
here to see what Ralph created
, and be on the lookout
for his next video creation, "Louise". Thanks, Ralph!

Gene is working on changing up my main website, so
watch for new photos by Todd Wolfson and continuing
incredible design by Gene (and see how the blog,, will change, too.) THANK YOU, Gene!


My friend, Turk Pipkin, created the moving and
insightful film "Nobelity", which interviews Nobel
Peace Prize winners about the state of our world. This
indie film is out on DVD - available at Waterloo and
Barnes & Noble in Austin, at Amazon and at the
nonprofit's website, Every copy sold
through their site pays for an additional copy that
goes into classrooms as part of the Nobelity in
Schools program. Support Turk and his wonderful

Let's Talk About Petrica: Tanner Romania Mission
Petrica came to us in 1999 when he was 6 yrs old.
Till that time he was living at the orphanage in a crib with Constantin, one of our other boys, so the two of them really feel like brothers but have no memory of the orphanage now, in fact they choose to believe that Bruce and Sandie are their parents!
Petrica attends public school after several years of home tutoring and has just is just starting 6th grade. He lives at Casa Rachel with his 10 brothers. Petie is the sweetest of all the boys, always gentle, helping others, the first to Praise and recognize the blessings from God, a very, very special boy.
For more information about the Tanner Mission, please visit

Starting in October, I will be joining forces with the
Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty to do a year
long, once a month, 12 city tour of Texas to start the
dialogue about the death penalty in Texas. WIth music,
speakers, and your opportunity to come out and ask
questions about the death penalty. We will also be
filming to create a DVD about how Texans feel about
this issue. To date, these musicians have agreed to
perform somewhere along the route: Trish Murphy,
Shelley King, Barbara K, Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart.
I will be sending out another email that will
exclusively cover the cities, dates, speakers and

A genuine thank you to Rob Erdle, one of my beloved
art instructors at University of North Texas who
passed away. Thank you, Rob, for all your
encouragement, not only with me, but all the students
whose lives you changed and touched. You were an
awesome man and artist.

Until next time,
I wish you love....all ways.


SEPTEMBER 5, Wed, Austin, TX...FOX TV, 7:00 a.m. to
promote the Girl Start event next day

SEPTEMBER 6, Thurs., Austin, TX...ME TV Studios, South
Congress Fundraiser for a great non-profit called Girlstart
that helps keep girls excited about math and science!

SEPTEMBER 7, Friday, Spring City, PA...Chaplin's, 66
North Main Street
Spring City, PA 19475 ,610.792.4110 I go on at 7:30,
followed by comedy at 9:30 (don't get confused by
their site, I'll DEFINITELY be there!)

SEPTEMBER 8, Saturday, Rockville, MD 8:oo PM...Folk 'N
Great Music
1048 Wintergreen Terrace, Rockville MD 20850

SEPTEMBER 14, Friday, Austin City Limits Festival with
premiere of Super Pal Universe, Children's Stage, 11

SEPTEMBER 15, Saturday, Austin City Limits Festival on

SEPTEMBER 23, Sunday, Austin, TX, 3:00 pm
Tarrytown United Methodist Church, Family Concert in
honor of "The Year of the Child"

SEPTEMBER 26, Wed, Austin, TX 7:00 pm, "The Dick
Monologues"...sold out again! Hyde Park Theatre

SEPTEMBER 28, Friday, Galveston, TX...8 pm...Yaga's
Cafe, 2314 Strand
Galveston, TX 77550

SEPTEMBER 29, Saturday, Houston, TX...TWO EVENTS, a
1-4 pm Songwriting Workshop with Sara
$150 per person
Wanting to expand on your song or creative writing?
Come take an intimate workshop with Sara! This three
hour class will include creativity exercises,
songwriting instruction and personal one-on-one time
as students write a new song, which you will be able
to share with a live audience at Sara's house concert
later that evening. Workshop fee includes free
admission to the evening concert....Materials/handouts
provided by Sara.
6:30 pm potluck (optional)
8:00 Sara Hickman performs, $15 (for concert only)
Bruce's Loft House Concerts
2305 Nicholson St,
Houston, TX 77008

Visit Sara's website to see all upcoming shows --

Until next time!

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