Pay it forward
A Sara mini eNewsletter for September 9, 2004

dear ones,

this weekend is the anniversary of 9/11. with the recent horrific tragedy in russia, and the ongoing hostage situations around the world, more than ever you are needed to promote peace, tolerance, and most importantly, kindness. through each of these ideals, love is shared.

this saturday, i will be performing at Big Red Sun for families. from 9-11 a.m , we will have pancakes, sausage/bacon, and belinsky smoothies with my music, art activities and storytime mixed in, as well. last week our theme was yellow; this week the theme is blue. bring something blue for show and tell. we will be sending love out into the world by celebrating the children at the show. come be a part of this peaceful, joy filled saturday morning. come hold hands with a stranger and feel connected. there will be lots of laughter, hugs and tears, and our children need to know that there are people working to assure that peace continues. come continue that message with us, if you can.

if you can't be with us, please consider reading the following and being a part of the "Pay it Forward" movement.

i wish you all love, i wish you all peace. i thank you all for being a part of something bigger than ourselves, and for all the quiet good you bring to the world already.

dreaming of a peaceful planet,
sara hickman

This Friday and Saturday will be emotional days as our country fulfills our pledge to "Never Forget" 9/11. You're invited to be kind to three strangers this weekend as a way to positively honor the memory of lives lost, and the thousands of strangers who helped each other out that day. We're aiming to spread a movement called, "Pay it Forward 9/11."

Individuals and families from Nashville to Brownsville are making their plans. Employees from Dell, Liaison Resources, Vinson & Elkins, American Bank and the American Cancer Society in Austin are just a few of the workplaces joining EnviroMedia to put into practice kind acts to strangers on the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorists' attacks.

The movement, made famous by the "Pay It Forward" book and movie, encourages people to help out three strangers, then ask them to pass it on. If you're willing to participate, I invite you to post your plans on a new Web log at

Two years ago, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I started the Pay It Forward effort at EnviroMedia, where all staff are directed to go out and do something good for 1-3 strangers on that sad day. We divide our staff into teams of two and give them $100 cash to spend on strangers in whatever way they can imagine. It's a moving experience to hear the participants report back on their experience. Last year, the effort spread beyond our agency, and since then, many others have asked to participate.

How it works:
1. On September 10 or 11, recruit a group of colleagues, family or friends to go out into the community and anonymously help three people.
2. Ask the stranger to "Pay It Forward."
3. Share your stories with others. To help encourage ideas and spread the movement, we've created a Web log to anonymously record your experience. Click on

Not sure what you could do?
It can be as simple as feeding a quarter in a stranger's parking meter, or you can lend a hand to one of thousands of charities who need your help. In some areas, you can dial 2-1-1 for a referral to non-profit agencies who need a helping hand. You might also try, or making an online financial contribution to the charity of your choice at

Feel free to forward this on to others. Thank you.

Kevin Tuerff, President and Principal
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