Dear Everyone who is so dear!

This is a short note from me to say THANKS TO EVERYONE
who has been coming out to the shows. We are adding
more and more dates, and please feel free to check my
website for locations/times. I'll try to keep writing
newsletters, but as things are starting to get
cooking, I might not be able to drop a line as
frequently as I'd like.

More info at

Friday, October 13
Austin, TX
Cedar Creek Elementary School
1:30 performance for World Food Day

Friday, October 13
Dallas, TX
10 pm
"Motherlode" cd release (with band)
Come on out and jam with us as we celebrate!!!

Sunday, October 15
Ojai, CA
Raptor Benefit
10338 Ojai Road
3:15-6 pm

Tuesday, October 17
Austin, TX
6 pm
Sara with Band for Book Release party
"The Amazing Faith of Texas"
(I'm honored to be on pages 140-141)

Friday, October 20
Austin, TX
7:00 a.m.---Live on KGSR at North Central Market
to promote Candlelight Ranch

11 am. Sing & Speak for Rotary Club

6 pm-7 pm
St. Matthew's Episcopal Day school Carnival
8134 Mesa Dr.
Austin, TX 78759

Saturday, October 21
Austin Family Music Festival
Pioneer Farms
12:45 -1:45
Main Stage

Jon Green & Vanessa Davila House Concert
1700 Graywood Cove
$15 per person

More to come...hope to see you at some of these
events! You can always check up on me and the reviews
of the shows at, my blog, to find out

Following is a letter from Marcia Ball...Thanks for
all you give and do.
Sending love,

From: Marcia Ball <>
Date: October 9, 2006 1:06:03 PM CDT

Dear Friends,

The school across the street from Charmaine Neville's
house in New Orleans has finally re-opened. They need
musical instruments. If you have or know someone who
has an unused band instrument in good repair, please
contact me at this email address.

Also, if you could forward this to your lists and
spread the word, I'd
appreciate it. You never can tell who played flute in
high school and still has one under the bed. We'll
pick them up or they can be dropped off at my office.
We are going to New Orleans in December and will take
whatever we gather then.

If an instrument is located in another area, NOLA
Relief may be able to help with shipping and the
instrument could be sent directly to Charmaine.
Donations of money would also be appreciated and then
we could send our pawnshop crew out to work their

The need, like the beat, goes on. If we were buried
under a mountain of instruments, we could place them
all over the Gulf Coast. NOLA Relief is still sending
money to New Orleans musicians through your generous
contributions. Thank you so much.

Marcia Ball

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