Its Fall
Hello, everyone!

Fall is bringing change. I love the swirl of color and crisp air.
I made a jello mold of a brain for our Halloween party. What are you up to these days...? Drop me a line ( I love to hear from you. You can also leave me notes at my blog ( Notes are fun to find!


November 20, 5 pm (early show! yes!) I will be performing at the Granada Theatre in Dallas, TX with my band. There are many important things about this show:

1) It is the first time I will have played the Granada Theatre since 1995, when we had the "Necessary Angels" release party. So, I see a lot of symbolism in starting to rev up for next spring's release of "Motherlode" by returning to the Granada. Come spread your wings and fly!

2) We will be performing new songs from the upcoming album...

3) They serve food! And you have seats. Seats are gooooood. Dinner and drinks and music and seats!

For information, contact:
The Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, Tx 75206
Ph. (214) 824-9933 Fax (214) 370-0219

I'll be at the Rockrgirl Convention in Seattle, WA November 10-13, performing on Friday night, Nov. 11 at the Broadway Performance Hall, 10 PM.


I need a name for the band. What should we call it? Would you like to help me name the band? For the person with the best band name, I'll make you a Super Sara Kit full of all kinds of one of a kind goodies, and mail it to you, wrapped up with love.


Recently, I helped paint a guitar, which will be auctioned to raise money for the Komen Foundation (breast cancer research.) They are set to go up on an online auction and will be promoted on Clear Channel Radio stations, KVET and Channel 102.3 ending in conjunction with Austin's Race for the Cure on November 6th. Bid high, bid often! Let's hope the guitars raise some money and awareness! Click here to join in the auction.

Once again, thank you for all your support.
Rock on,

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