10:30 am

I’m in ragged old cut offs, and about to, finally, go clean out the van for today’s trip.

I look forward to the day I can have a vehicle that doesn’t use gas. I would love an electric van. Or a van that runs on hope and peace.

I find it unbelievable how long the fighting has been going on between Israel and Palestine.

My heart really aches for all the people wanting to have lives with their families, and how confusing, disruptive and horrifying war must be.

We Americans have no idea. No concept at all. Except for those who have been among the chaos—soldiers, peacekeepers, volunteers,
missionaries, medical staff—we have no idea how blessed we are to have these simple things:

running water
running water that you can drink without getting sick
grocery stores
movie theatres
art museums
plumbing in general
yards to play in
airplanes to travel in
bus lines
fax machines
cell phones and blackberrys
shoes and socks
soap and shampoo
medical supplies
toilet paper
writing utensils
notebooks, paper, envelopes, stamps
flower gardens
a postal service
fed ex
something under our feet besides dirt within our homes
roofs that don’t leak
a hand to hold
parents that love us
people who speak out on behalf of others, no matter what the cost
politics (be it as crooked as it may be, it is still the most amazing democracy on the planet…and we MUST continue to speak out and take action to keep it this way)
birthday parties

one day, we all went to ken’s rock n roll donuts on guadalupe, and all i could think as we were buying these inexpensive, tasty treats was the fact that millions of children in this world will never know the taste of a donut.

i am trying to consume less. i am trying to eat less.

i want to be more humble, and speak out even more on behalf of people everywhere.

this sounds so simplistic, but i want for people to enjoy their lives while they are here. i want everyone to have housing, and food and water, and warm clothing in cold climates and protective clothing in hot climates. i want everyone to have the opportunity to dance. i want everyone to have arms to hold them, gently, lovingly. i want their to be universal singing of peace, and i want it right now.

and the reality is that war exists and it is the most foolish of choices…chaos only leads to continued violence and terrorism.

the alternative is love. always love.

people roll their eyes at that simple answer.

but love has changed monsters. it has removed fear. it has brought hope to millions.

love, love, love. i believe in you, in your variety of colors, in your never ending giving.

love to the whole world. love now.

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