May 8, 2004

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  • Universal Living Wage Benefit

    The night was just superb. At first, I was concerned because there weren’t as many people as I had hoped…but the people who came were into understanding more about the Universal Living Wage and hearing Richard Troxell speak about it.

    The Universal Living… Continue reading

  • What I Know

    Is that I am really hard on myself. I tend to forget the gardenia of myself and see straight through to the compost.

    Yesterday’s speaking engagement had its ups and downs. I get obsessed with the downs. I think, “If only I… Continue reading

  • Gardenias

    Through my bedroom window on a little plot of about six feet of garden is a gardenia bush.

    I discovered it when my husband and I removed undergrowth, weeds, dirt and ant piles about two and a half years ago. It was small… Continue reading