A Made Up Jazz Sorta Number For Ellen Before I Make My Next Blog Entry

Ellen, I was thinking about how I’m trying to keep up with the blog cuz I really want to keep you up to date with everything a singer/songwriting mom has to keep up with, but I’m falling behind. With that said, I thought I’d take some pressure off myself and write you a jazz standard. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you will hear it in a piano bar soon.

That’s Our Ellen (a song for Ellen DeGeneres by Sara)

I’m not tellin’
What rhymes with Ellen
cuz then I’d be giving it all awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
and I’m not sellin’
Out on Ellen
because she makes us laugh night and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
I heard she was swell in
(Our little Ellen)
a fantastic high school plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Does she like melon?
Our friend, Ellen?
They are in abundance in the month of Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
If you’ve got shrimp for shellin’
Just ask Ellen
She’ll help you without paaaaaaaaaaay
And she’s no felon
Happy Ellen
She’s no bank robber or member of the IRA
Let’s throw “hell” in
Cuz that’s our Ellen…
She’s an answer to our praaaaaaaaaaay…ers
So, no use in spellin’
Out “Ellen”
Cuz you can sing it, anyway….
Like this:


“E” is for excellent
“L” is for love
the other “L”‘s for something special
You know what I’m singing of!
“E” is for epoxy
“N” never stick it on your fingers
Cuz you’ll never get it off your skin…and it’s a stinger!

So, if you’re smellin’
Sweet Ellen
Remember she’s a rose in blooooooooooooooom
Quitcher achy-bellin’
Thatcher not Ellen
Cuz you always invite in in your livin’ rooooooooooooooom
Let’s start yellin’
“We love you, Ellen!”
Cuz you make our hearts go zooooooooooooooooooom
That’s right…you make our hearts gooooooooooooooo

(Piano hits a nice ending “da-dum” chord, curtains close, standing ovation, everyone cheers, Ellen smiles, the song is done, the day is through, everyone goes home to a nice dinner, singing a happy tune.)

Check your mailbox, Ellen! There’s more on the way!

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