A Poem I Just Made Up

a little poem for nina
started on behalf of julie and her son
but finished because then nina wrote me a note and i was inspired to finish this out,

many roads we travel
so we must keep heart
that all is good
and leading us to the right place
where we will meet those along the way
who are headed in the same direction

sometimes the trees bear down upon us
and the path is unclear
people have abandoned us,
still, we trudge along
not knowing or understanding
this exquisite force that guides us
to where we know not

and then there is a voice
that says, “i understand!”
and you know you have reached your resting place
because others will help carry your passion,
your purpose, your rallying cry
and you can dance, finally,
whether barefoot or in boots
because you’ve never really been alone:
just deep in thought.


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  • I love it! Thank you so very much…

    julie and max

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