Hey Sara!

This story is from my cousin, Leslie, and she told it to me right after I forwarded your “Palin by Comparison” video to her (which she really enjoyed.) She said, “Is that Sara Hickman the folksinger?” And I explained you were much more than that. Now get a load of this… Leslie wrote:

“Well, you’re going to like this one! A number of years ago when I was still in RI, Brandon went off to do a few things and came back with this tale.

He stopped for gas and was approached by a breathless, frazzled young woman. She told him she was playing at the Newport Folk Festival that day and had no idea where she was or how to get there. There were in a kind of odd place in relation to Newport (hard place to give good directions from) so he told her to follow him and he would take her to the best highway on-ramp and from there it would be a cinch. With this, she flung her arms around him with gratitude and told him she wanted to give him SOMETHING for helping him which he assured her was unnecessary, and presented him with a copy of her Spiritual Appliances CD. When he was telling me the story upon his return home, I noticed he had glitter on his face which he said must’ve come from her — no other explanation.

I still have the CD which looks like it was made in 2000…

Is this one for the “Six Degrees of Separation” file?


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