An update

hello, everyone…

thank you for your prayers. here are updates on all the situations within my family…pls bear with me if i repeat myself. i know you understand….some of this is graphic, so i will understand if you want to not read about my father-in-law. however, i have never known anyone to suffer, physically, as much as this man. the amount of operations and visits to emergency rooms and mysterious skin conditions and differing opinions of doctors has caused grief like i have never witnessed. what you are reading is but a microcosm of one person’s five year journey.

my father-in-law, ron, is in massive pain. this has been a harrowing experience for him (and my mother-in-law, who is exhausted). they removed ron’s left leg from below the knee two fridays back, and then he was rushed to the emergency room two nights later with a 106 temperature. they packed his body in ice, to add misery upon further misery.

then, last monday, they decided to go back in and take a little bit more of his leg…because of infection. we asked why they didn’t just take the leg up to the top of the thigh the first time, where the leg is still healthy. they had tried to keep as much of the leg as they could because ron still had hopes of keeping some of one of his legs….

well, they were about to release ron to rehab, when they came in this weekend and told gert they have decided they will take all of the leg. they were going to do it ASAP, they said, but here it is, tuesday morning, and nothing. no surgery, no decisions. we are all on the edge of a major freak out, to say the least.

so, for those of you who are praying, i beg you to focus your prayers upon these simple requests:

for ron’s doctors to be forthright, steadfast and attentive with quick follow through in their decisions.

for ron…strength through his pain, a ray of hope, and God’s intercendence through personal faith by moving ron’s heart away from depression…for God to send a nurse or hospital staff member to become close to ron and help be his spiritual sister/brother through this nightmare.

for gert….strength through fatigue and frustration, for God’s intercedence through friends and family support.

thank you. sometime i will tell you more about the power of prayer that i have witnessed over all my years….i know, without a doubt, that prayer has helped ron and gert through all of these episodes…

the good news is that my grandmother, meema (mamie) is smiling away. after deciding not to insert a feeding tube, and pureeing her food, she has continued to amaze us all. she is still aspirating (when she lays down my mom says you can hear her wheezing), but she is sitting up in her wheelchair, happy to be on this planet, smiling, smiling, smiling. my mom says she seems to be shining with happiness, and all the folks in the care center really love her. they are loving her to 100, and my grandma has many friends at the center, too. her exit from this life is full of adoration and we are grateful that she is in such a state of peaceful bliss!


thank you for praying for my family. the comfort you bring can not be described. i can literally feel your love…thank you.

…and…thank you, all, everyone of you, for helping the arnolds! especially big thanks to mike mcgee, who has gone beyond the call of duty and is trying to help the arnolds find a less expensive way to get their driveway/gate completed.

– one tired sara

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