April Milek

I went looking for April today, but the phones have been disconnected at Rhino Records. Then I tried to Google her…wow! What a lot of great projects she has worked on, from Cher, Jaco Pastorius, Sesame Street to Fleetwood Mac. I had no idea!

The reason I am looking for April is that I think she must be the link to American Idol. And let me tell you why.

April is one of the original Necessary Angels. She was there when I floundered and wasn’t sure what to do, and she sent her support, emotionally, spiritually and financially, way back in 1994. Then, over the years, she kept hooking me up with all sorts of super projects…it’s how my music ended up on a lot of compilation cds (like the Martha Stewart children’s compilation, for example.) She was working at Rhino and putting together projects and was always kind to throw my name in the hat.

Well, first of all, I wish I had known she had lost her job. I don’t know what I would have done…but I would have done SOMETHING!!!

And, second, I believe she deserves a big thank you for all her love and support, and so I was calling to tell her so.
But now I can’t find her.

So, April, if you are reading this blog, please email or call me. I would like to send you something because I really appreciate everything you’ve done.

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