BIG KID is Done!!!

Well, after five long months and 27 creations, BIG KID is headed for the
final stretch. Tomorrow, I go into mastering, where the songs are placed in order, bass is pumped up, tiny sounds are erased (like an errant hiss), and everything is finalized to be at the same audio level. Suh-weet!

The last thing that was brought to life (last Sunday) was this:

A Jewish child and a Muslim child came to the studio and both said “Peace be unto you”…in Hebrew and Arabic. That will be the last thing children and parents hear at the end of the recording. It was a touching moment, both families so loving and excited for their children…they were families introduced through an organization here in Austin that brings families of differing faiths together…they help rebuild houses and work on a variety of community activities…to strengthen the love of humanity and build foundations of faith, even though their faiths are different.

Peace be unto you today!!!

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  • Pat Jack


    Hi Sara,

    I was recently participating in a discussion thread about the pollution and clean-up problems-scandal concerning Austin City Parks. And I was participating in this thread on Patrice’s website, here’ the thread :

    That thread is in the ‘Activism’ section of Patrice’s website.

    I visited Austin in 1999 for a training seminar and fell in love with the town totally and completely. I rented a bicycle the day I got there, and for an entire week I rode the town hard every early morning and evening after the seminar classes. I visted several yoga studios while I was there and took in some classes at each. Austin is very lucky to have such a good yoggic community.

    I plan to move to Austin as soon as I can to further my career path. I perform and record with violin, viola and cello, string arrangements, solos and cameos for bands and artists.

    I would really like to get formal and certified training as a yoga instructor as one of my longer term goals and I think Austin would be a great place for me to start on both of my goals.

    While I was in Austin during that training seminar I went to ‘Christopher Robin’ day in one of the Parks, I think it was Mabel Park, but I’m not sure, I went to the ‘Bob Marley’ festival and I also visited Barton Creek Springs every day. I met a group of ‘yoggic nuns’ the ones that wear the orange habits at the ‘Bob Marley’ festival … and ya know … that was a sing wink

    So this thread on Patrice’s website really got me pissed off and I wrote the lyrics for an activisim song and posted it to the website.

    The song is in a rough draft stage with my vocal and MIDI instrumentation. Please give a listen and see if you would be interested in performing it, or perhaps another musician you know might be interested in working with the song.

    The song is available for download here, I give free use to any person who wishes to use the song for the betterment of the parks in Austin and to bring attention to the issues that surround Austin Parks.

    Here is a link to the song :

    As I continue to work on the song, I will simply post updates and overwrite this current copy.

    Pat Jack

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