Blast from the Zippity Do Dah Past! Little Blue Man!!!

Hey Sara,

I had the good fortune of interviewing you for a morning radio show I
used to do in Monticello NY about a million years ago.
While cleaning out the garage a couple of weeks back in preparation for
a garage sale I came across a cassette of that
Interview from 11/6/1990. I had recorded it off the air on a $10
walkman knock-off so the quality is suspect at best.

Anyway…as I ramble…I thought you might like to hear an excerpt from
that interview. It refers to your “secret song” on your then latest album. Hope all is well.

Take care,

Tony Impieri

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  • Shawna


    Oh my goodness! How much fun was that! Cheyenne came running to the computer when she heard your voice and proceeded to bop along with the Little Blue Man. So glad you shared!

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