Boone Planta Water Project….It’s Happening!!!

Hi, Everybody…

I wanted to give you and update on the Boone Planta Water Project. Boone was the son of my dear friend, Sam. Sadly, Boone passed away
several months ago, and in response, many, many people came together to create this project to build wells for remote places
that need clean, fresh water.

Tomorrow, a team of 15 people from Impact Ministries and The Boone Water Project will leave on a mission.
Their destination, El Zapote, is a remote village in the northern mountains of Honduras. There are about
85 people in the village, 25 are children who are in dire need of fresh clean water.

80% of infant mortality in the 3rd world is caused by water borne diseases. Like many villagers the
world over, the women and children of El Zapote spend hours each day trekking to and from a distant
mountain spring to collect the day’s supply of water needed for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Think about how much we take for granted the water that flows into our homes…for showering and
bathing, for drinking, for making ice, for running our automatic dishwashers and washing machines,
for watering our lawns and filling our swimming pools. It’s sanitary, its supply is unlimited, and it’s available
to us at the turn of a knob. It can be regulated to whatever temperature and pressure we choose and even
contains fluoride to prevent tooth decay. And all for pennies a day.

Within a week, Meredith (Boone’s sister) and Sam (along with Brandon Parsons, Camron Barnette, Dillon McCarty,
John Langford, Kelly Vidovic, Mark Smith, Matt Bowman, Matt McCarty, Maurine Winkley, Serineh Saki, Shay Spence,
Tiffany Harelik, Win Smith) will have worked diligently in Boone’s honor to ensure water reaches the village.

Stay tuned for updates on The Boone Planta Water Project FaceBook site and/or the Boone Planta
Water Project website, Blogs and Twitters. Share this with friends.

Offer your prayers and good wishes. And thank you all who have supported the project & family with prayers and
donations in making this happen!

In Grace and Gratitude,

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