Bumper Sticker Idea

Less is More…More or Less

and another one:

Love Never Ceases Being Love

5 Comments on “Bumper Sticker Idea”

  • GregD


    “My Kid has Sara’s new CD”

  • Steve


    I like them.

  • Sara-It’s your friend Chrissie from Roos Road living in Austin after making the trek to Austin. Glad to hear you found the teeny tiny pencils!! I can’t wait to hear your kiddy CD. You are an inspiration to me.

    Hey I picked up this week’s people magazine and Brooke Sheilds named her little girl “Rowan”. Cute!

  • Chris


    I know this has nothing to do with bumperstickers but just wanted to say. ITS ABOUT TIME THE GREAT PILLOWMAN GOT A SONG!!!! He is so happy I told him and he almost jumped off the couch. After all the happyness and joy he passes along he sure deserves a song. HOORAY F/Pillowman.


  • Hi Sara,
    I like the love one myself….

    How are the mice! We have a Gerbil named Rodney!
    The boys are getting so big! Evan is in High School and plays the trumpet in the marching band…la la
    I miss you!

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