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Because today..I also found out I have ten paintings that are going to be in a museum exhibit with Terry Allen, Joe Ely, Ethan Ezarian, Bale Allen, Bob Schneider…it’s called MUSICANS MAKING ART.

I was sooooo nervous all week. The curator from the New Braunfels Museum of Art was coming today. I cleaned. I prepped the paintings (which means I kept moving them around the house and staring at them.) I put on mascara.

The doorbell rang. There he was. I was a mess! I offered coffee, tea, water, soy, juice, blueberries, fruitcake…I couldn’t stop. He just stood in the doorway as I finished with, “Oh! Come in, please come right on in! Anything to drink?”

Thank God he was accustomed to NUTCASES like ME.

Anyway, after a wonderful hour or more of talking about art, paintings, his life, my life, kids, he chose ten of my works. I hugged him. He asked, “Were you doubting I would take some of your work?” I said, “I had no idea! I don’t have a studio or tons of paintings…or I didn’t know if they would be up to everyone else’s level…” He just smiled again. Then he handed me some prozac and said everything was lovely!!! And then I was smiling, too!!!


I also talked about my dad, who is an AMAZING painter, and he knew who my dad was and he said he thinks my dad would be great for a show in the fall so as soon as he walks out the door I am on the phone yapping excitedly to my dad about HIS SHOW HE WILL HAVE and I am a puppy I tell you jumping up and down in my kitchen and just ALIVE with JOY!!!


april 8 is the opening. come on out and see texas musicians and their art. terry allen (and his son, bale) are both fantastic. i am so honored to be in their company! and ethan is humorous, bright, whimsical…very colorful art. bob is prolific and very, very awesome…i haven’t seen it in person, but i can’t wait…
and joe ely will have his prison drawings…these are cool, computer generated photo collages with funny thoughts/comments.

charlie, the curator, and i talked about having more women artists. i told him about terri lord (great drummer…plays with Lord Douglas Phillips…super nice person, too) and arlene polite (i don’t think she’s a musician, but, gosh! her stuff is astounding….)

oh. and then we talked about what music to have at the opening so I said, “Oh, you ‘ve got to have Brave Combo or Will Taylor/Strings Attached” and gave him their numbers…this is going to be such a party!

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