Camp Star Trails

After doing this morning’s laundry, making breakfast (we had eggs, bacon and toast…nothing too glamourous today!), cleaning the kitchen, packing the car for the kids and myself (that included interesting things to do while driving…like playing this fun game with letters and descriptions and the kids have to name, for example, something that starts with the letter “R” that is electronic…and, of course, getting everyone their own notebook and markers for drawing fun), we headed on down the road to Camp Star Trails…

Located outside of Burton, Texas, it is a camp for kids with cancer, or siblings of children with cancer. Horseback riding, canoeing, arts and crafts, fishing, a petting zoo (they even had a skunk named PEPPY NO P.U.!), and a terrific series of interlaced pools (with a giant hot tub). I sang twice today…first, for 180 kids and their counselors, then, again, later in the day for a select group of 40 campers.

Ok, let’s talk about love. First of all, the counselors are fantastic. They are attentive, loving, young adults who are volunteering time to help children who are battling so much at such an early age. The attitude the counselors bring was just glorious….teaching dance classes, riding bikes around the nature trails with the kids, helping kids in wheelchairs access wherever they want to be on the site…

The grounds were splendid. Rocking chairs on an expansive front porch, cabins each decorated with the group names the kids come up with when they first arrive, meticulous landscaped flowerbeds and sidewalks swept clean…a treehouse high above a gentle creek (also wheelchair accessible)…36 horses, taken care of by a very nice cowboy named Justin ( a REAL cowboy, to boot!)
in clean stalls with treats available on a moments notice to give to Spot (a blind horse) or Blade (a ghostly all white horse) or Raisin (a spotted horse)…

During the performances, I just wanted to love love love every child in that room. I wanted them to know they were unique and unparallel in the history of the world…that they are beautiful souls I was delighted to spend the afternoon with…I saw children of every color and size and laughter and felt the healing presence of hope, love and joy in the laughter, stories and song we shared.

My kids (and nephew) were adorable, too…they sat in during my first performance and Lily sang along, looking up into my face, joining me in the lyrics, while we all sang “Look at Me”…a “pirate” named Nate joined in on “iolana”, dancing and shaking his booty to the glee of every camper there…
We all held one another close as we sang “I Wish You Well” on behalf of children around the globe…wishing them love, wishing them peace, wishing them hope, wishing them all we can. Oh, that the world could be that room of love!

My kids made art, they swam, they ate pizza, they fed the horses…we drove in a golf cart, chauffered around the camp by my lifelong friend, Charlotte, whom I have known since I was six years old. Her mom, her two sisters, and Charlotte’s own teenage children all volunteer at the camp. It is such a testimony to their family what they have given over so many years. What a great thing for a family to do…volunteer together!

Tomorrow is io’s 4th birthday…we will continue to celebrate the joy with gratitude and putt-putt golf!

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  • Todd


    I want to personally thank you for coming out to Camp Star Trails last week. I am a member of the summer staff where the camp was held. And as I was doing a search for “Camp Star Trails,” this site came up.
    What a week it was! Thanks for being apart of creating life long memories for 180 kids.

  • natalie


    I now know that every time that I doubt myself in my resolve to help make this a better world for my children, all I have to do is look at my 2 wonders of joy and read some Sara to be re-inspired!!

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