Catching up!

I’m back home from Longview, Tx! I listened to Christmas cds the drive up (5 1/2 hours) and the drive back (5 1/2 hours) and found a whole bunch of new marterial, including a very great song by Fountains of Wayne and a killer track Colin Boyd covers…can’t wait to learn them…!!!

So, playing catch up….Let’s start with last weekend:

Saturday Night: November 8, 2008: KOLANOWSKI HOUSE CONCERT

Ok, first of all, let me say I LOVE GREG AND KIM KOLANOWSKI!!!!! They are really, really, really fabulous human beings and I am only
sorry I have seen them at shows for the last, what? 18 years!??, and only NOW getting to know them!

1) they have a super cool house…feng shui-ed out the wazoo and comfy and so many delightful photos and tchatchke’s to look at…

2) they have cats…fluffy, nice, friendly cats that come when you stick out your finger and say “meow”…the universal sign for humans
to show cats they care

3) they have cool friends

4) they serve great food

5) super comfy bed

6) great space for a house concert AND they build me a SET!!!!!!!! twice now…i feel like a ZILLION BUCKS when i go there!

7) Greg’s eyes well up with compassion whenever we talk about emotional, touching subjects. Ok, that totally ROCKS in my
book. Men whose eyes well up are A+ men. And Kim has a TWINKLE IN HER EYE! I don’t know why I’m talking about their eyes
so much cuz I know Greg is going to read this blog and think, “Wait…was I tearing up that much?” or Kim might think, “Am I twinkly?
I didn’t know I was so twinkly!” but it is all EXCEPTIONALLY WONDERFUL so don’t read this blog entry, Greg, and go changin’ a thing
for I will be very sad sad sad if you do.

Boy! The three of us just talked and talked and talked and then we talked some more and I couldn’t LEAVE cuz I didn’t want to stop talking and listening and laughing. Just A+ folks. And now we are FRIENDS! Do you know how COOL that is? Man, my job ROCKS EXTRA HARD when I get new friends
out of the deal!

And…They are thinking of inviting Betty Soo for the next one. AND I SAY THAT IS THE PERFECT person to
add to their series. I think they should be choosy! Not just ANYONE can do a KH concert, you know what I mean? They have
to be extra groovy musicians who appreciate QUALITY. And Betty Soo is the PETER PAN peanut butter of singer-songwriters.

(I believe I may have missed going on ad nauseum about Betty Soo…hmm, no wait, I did talk about her after the Folk Alliance, I think…
anyway, she is BRILLIANT and PRESENT and KIND and ADORABLE and SMART and she will fit in STUPENDOUSLY at the Kolanowski House
Concert of Jubilation and Musical Ka-pow!)

Let’s see…ah, yes, so the next day!


MAN! Why didn’t I FILM this event? I do not know. Because I am a DOPE, that is why because let me say this…
ANOTHER COMPLETELY awesome fun time with a BUNCH and I mean A TON of incredible kids who had ALL OF US in stitches!
I’m starting to really get into having the kids give feedback/thoughts/comments during a show…just amazing the stuff they come up with
and out of left field and completely original…Anyway, I LOVE Mary Scott and Daniel and their kids and all their friends kids and kids
should run this country, I’m telling you…things would make a lot more sense. Go ahead. Shake your head and call me crazy, but I’m telling you…
kids are GENIUSES! So, this was a spectacular Sunday and I was there right up until about 5:28 and then I popped in the car (after hugging
everybody about 6 gah-zillion times) and drove over to a Walgreens and got some thank you (and and anniversary card) for the Kolanowskis
and then drove over to…


….for my last show of the day…and I realized I was starving the minute I walked in sweet Bruce’s house because I had forgotten to eat lunch!
So I scarfed down about 12 bowls of pasta salad (mmm, it was delicious!) and then sang about an hour and forty five minutes for a room full
of very appreciative and head bobbin’ folks and suddenly I realized I was really tired and packed up, got the gear in the car, drove the four minutes over
to the Kolanowski’s, chatted some MORE with them cuz I just couldn’t get ENOUGH! (Dear God, I sound like a stalker, but I am not!)
And fell asleep (had wierd dreams so I know I slept some) and then I got up and answered some emails and spent some more time with Greg
and Kim, where they found me sitting in their office (answering emails) and I was pretending to be a elementary school principal and then I morphed into
a guidance counselor and we had some chuckles and then some coffee and bagels and then I was off for the drive home to Austin…

…and that was my weekend last weekend and now…I must drive to Spicewood for my 8:oo show tonight…

I shall have to write about Longview another time, but let me say…whoo doggie! It was ALSO just incredible last night AND I got to
spend time with Jerry and Doris and who could ask for more????

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