Come out and celebrate!

This Thursday, May 28, 9:30 a.m. Come to the capitol and help me celebrate becoming
the 2010 Official State Musician of Texas! Whoo-hoo! I need me some
friends and family so we can rock the capitol with laughter and love!!!

Thank you! Bless you!
An excited and humbled Sara

If you can’t come out, you should be able to watch it all unfold at this link:
On the right-hand side under “Legislative Activity” you’ll see “video broadcasts” –
just click on “House” and you can see a live broadcast from the House chamber
(where we will be for the resolution).

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  • Tilman Müller


    Wow! Congratulations, sounds really honorable! What are you doin’ as a State Musician of Texas, promote the local musical tradition at other states and countries? Then, how about taking some official state time for concerts in Germany and elsewhere -pleaaase! Your honorary tour manager for such a trip:

  • I know that you are humbled by this honor but I can not think of a better person to represent this state in any catagory! Well done Sara!

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