Crimson Moon/Eddie’s Attic

I want to say, I could have stayed on stage at Eddie’s Attic for another hour…it seemed like the 11 or 12 songs I did went by so fast, and that, of course, included my usual chatty story telling and impromtu audience dialogue.

But I was thinking since the audience had been sitting for two hours (through EXCELLENT music, by the way…Truckstop Souvenir, a husband and wife team that sang ol’ time radio style story songs: on a single ribbon microphone…followed by Corinne West, blue/grass/country folk with a husky voice and great songs, as well)…I was thinking sitting through more than an hour and fifteen minutes of me would be settin’ up for a riot.

There are so many songs I wanted to sing…I really want to come back and just sit and sing and not say a peep…just so I can get more songs in…but my mouth always wants to tell stories, connect with the audience right beside my heart, so…I guess what I am is what I am (to quote Edie/Popeye)

Thank you for coming out…I had a good time at the Crimson Moon in Dalonega, GA, as well.

Highlights of the trip:

Playing at the Crimson Moon, and meeting the very lovely Dana, the owner. Built in 1840, the Crimson Moon is the second oldest building in Dalonega, and used to be a whore house. Delightful to meet George and Ralph….fellow Methodists who knew about the ASP (Appalachian Service Project), and are pickers! I said next time I come through, we’ll set out on the patio and pick. They were very smiley. Also met a great photographer who took the Dali Lama’s photo, and I think his name was Bard (? I have to find his business card). He was very nice and told me to pull my hair out of my eyes so everyone in the audience could see my eyes! The two little girls, Raven and Skyler, and their sweet dad: they stayed the entire show! And they kept coming over and putting a dollar here, a dollar there, in the giant glass tip jar at the foot of the stage. Raven eventually fell asleep…it was way past their bed time!

Seeing Eddie again after all this time. I love his club. Got to meet Bob, too, the owner, and Tommy was there, the gentle smile who sells the artist’s cds. He has sandy blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail and he let’s me pull it.

Seeing Steve McKewin and finally meeting his wife, Kerri. Seeng pictures of their beautiful children. I have known Steve for 17 years, from my Elektra days. He is a fine human being who can make me laugh, who LOVES Neil Young, and always remembers me with the latest discs.

Seeing Jim Quinn, who I met 17 years ago, as well, when I was on tour for “I Couldn’t Help Myself”, and visited his station (WRVA?) Jim has been a gentleman all these years…sending flowers and encouragement to my shows. In fact, he graciously supported me on this run with flowers sent to the hotel room, for which, by the way, he also kindly picked up the tab…Thank you, Jim! On behalf of the working moms/dads in the music biz, I want to say my family appreciated your kindness.

Meeting a homeless man in front of Eddie’s Attic and talking for awhile.
I gave him some of the money I had from the Crimson Moon show the night before. I always think of Jesus when I meet a homeless person; I think of my children. I think of how it could be me.

Hugging the Enterprise bus driver.

Seeing my friend, Rene, at the American Airlines terminal.

Returning home… coming down the escalator to iolana running across the airport floor, me yelling, “io!” and her yelling,
“mommmmmmmmmmmy!” and then hugging forever among throngs of knees and busy people.

Sending love and gratitude,

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  • andy-dog


    Glad you had a good trip and you are back at the
    ranch…. Keep blogging; it helps us to keep up with you. Time to get out the bike and start training!! xo,a-dog

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