Dan Fogelberg’s Legacy

I remember listening to “Wisteria” on my record player over and over, and staring at the cover of the album, with Dan’s handsome face.
I practiced learning every song on that album, alone in my room,
dreaming that someday I, too, would be a leader of a band, or tour, or make records.

I never got to meet Dan on the tours with him. He had other people do his soundchecks, and he always arrived right after I had finished my set.
He’d come dashing in from the car, go straight to his dressing room (if there was time), and then straight to the stage. Usually it was straight to the stage, where he would sit down at the piano and start to play.

Trust me, I wanted to meet Dan. I wanted to say “Thank you” for his encouraging me to become a singer/songwriter, even though he had no idea how he had done so. I wanted to tell him what an honor it was to sing before him night after night, for him to share his listening audience with me, for all the love I felt as I sang along in the audience to every word of every one of his songs.

I don’t feel bad that we didn’t ever meet. There are forces bigger at play here then me meeting a childhood idol. In his heart, surely he must have known that there were thousands of kids like me who grew up to make music because of him? Or, if not, then he certainly knew that his music was loved and revered, and I didn’t need to be one more
voice reminding him. He seemed to be very private, and I respected that.

So, I will say it out loud now, at my computer, for his spirit to hear:
Thank you, Dan. Thank you for giving me the gift of a dream, one that is being carried on, now, through my daughters’ love of song, too.
Songwriters/singers/musicians like you are the storytellers of our lives, and you capture those moments that we wish to reclaim, anytime we choose, simply by putting
your music on the stereo… instantly we are transported to those times of laughter or tears.

Should old acquaintance be forgot….and never brought to mind…
I think not, Dan. You’ll never be forgotten.

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  • Dear Dan,

    Thank you for your gift of music. Your heart and soul showed in everything you did.
    Someday we will all meet again.

    I am so gratful to God for your life, and the gift you gave to so many. God put you here for a reason.
    You will never be forgotten, you were one of a kind.
    You were, and still are “The Leader Of The Band”…

    I will never forget how much your music has meant to me for the past 30 years…
    Starting with “Part Of The Plan” and on…

    Thank you! You will always have a place in my heart. I am just sorry you left us so soon.

    janet walker

  • Chad


    For Sara, or anyone who wishes to post condolences to Dan’s family and friends may do so through the Living Legacy website:


    And thank you Sara, for continuing the legacy.

    ~ Chad

  • andy-dog


    Dan turned me on to the writings of Hermann Hesse, via the great liner notes he often put into his records. He inspired me to listen to Joni, Croz, Neil, Jackson, and several others.
    He was one of the finest lyricists Illinois ever brought forth, and I loved his music/poetry very much.
    “The Innocent Age” is simply a majestic piece of work; so many timeless stories and melodies.
    Sara and I will never forget the night in Sarasota when you got us VIP seats for him; it was a wonderful evening of music, including your fine opener set.

    Although I never met him either, I saw him play live about 20 times, so I got to the idea that I could understand him and his philosophy pretty well. I believe he was a guy who lived very much in the moment, and appreciated the life his wonderful talent provided him. Although it was short (he is exactly my age), he had a great life and a brilliant career and was very loved.
    Goodbye, Dan….we will miss you terribly.

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