date night

lance and i went to see “nobelity” tonight…the documentary by local legend turk pipkin.

he interviewed 10 nobel prize winners…economists, environmentalists, chemists, mathmaticians, etc….on their thoughts on what to do on how to save our world

check it out when you get a chance…

i applaud all the people on this planet speaking out and making change simply by voicing their thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions through film, music, dance, poetry and theatre. it takes courage and determination….and turk visualized a thought by putting it into a visual we can all glean from.

then we went to book people (to support a local vendor), where we sat on velvet sofa on the second floor and talked….

then to the green muse for a late night decaf au lait and iced decaf mocha…to read the paper and just chill…

and now we are home and, yes, i am tired.

thanks to all the friends who encouraged me during the blogathon!


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  • You gave a very enjoyable performance Saturday night at MacHenrys. I hope we will be able to see you again soon in the area. And now I will have to buy more of your cds. I only have Necessary Angels.

  • Dev


    For a first-time Blogathon participant, you did an amazing job. Kudos, and I can’t wait to see you again!

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