Dear Parks Board Members: GET IT TOGETHER!!!

Dear Parks Board Members,

PLEASE DO NOT approve any variances for the 222/300 Riverside project.

I love Austin. I live in Austin. I am bringing up my children in Austin.
This is a community of people who speak out and care and work for a better tomorrow. How will placing more concrete and glass on our amazing Town Lake do anything to keep Austin what it is—a place of beauty, parks, land and people coinciding TOGETHER? It will only create more traffic, more pollution, more trash…

I recognize development and change are a part of a growing world.
However, MAKING WISE decisions that can assure a healthy growth
is why you are on the Parks Board. SPEAK OUT! USE THE POWER YOU HAVE FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND GOOD!!!

DO NOT ALLOW THE CITY to build three 200 foot high condominium towers to be developed even closer to Lady Bird Lake than the current ordinance allows. As one of our city jewels, you know the importance of Lady Bird Lake in enhancing Austin’s beauty, attracting tourists, and maintaining a quality of life for all residents.

PRESERVE this legacy by voting NO to 222/300 Riverside and you will have represented the interests of the residents over private development.

Thank you for your support,
Sara Hickman


Hey, anyone reading this blog who wants to take a moment and click on this link:
You can go there, take 8 seconds, and send a message to our Parks Board Members and HELP AUSTIN’S TOWN LAKE stay one of a kind…and then when you come visit Austin, you can canoe/kayak on it and say to yourself, “I did this!
I helped keep it wonderful!”

Thank You!


Thank you for your email. I agree with everything you said.
Danette Chimenti
Parks Board

Ms. Hickman,
Thank you for the email. I appreciate you sharing these concerns.
Linda Guerrero, Chair
Parks Board

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