From Marcia Ball / Instruments Needed

Dear Friends,

The school across the street from Charmaine Neville’s house in New Orleans
has finally re-opened. They need musical instruments. If you have or know
someone who has an unused band instrument in good repair, please contact me
at this email address.

Also, if you could forward this to your lists and spread the word, I’d
appreciate it. You never can tell who played flute in high school and still
has one under the bed. We’ll pick them up or they can be dropped off at my
office. We are going to New Orleans in December and will take whatever we
gather then.

If an instrument is located in another area, NOLA Relief may be able to help
with shipping and the instrument could be sent directly to Charmaine.
Donations of money would also be appreciated and then we could send our
pawnshop crew out to work their magic.

The need, like the beat, goes on. If we were buried under a mountain of
instruments, we could place them all over the Gulf Coast. NOLA Relief is
still sending money to New Orleans musicians through your generous
contributions. Thank you so much.

Marcia Ball

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