Great speech, Hillary!

I thought tonight’s DNC was rather dull and ho-hum, even though I was cheering on the folks like me, the everyday Americans, who were invited to

But…when Hillary spoke tonight, I was proud. I was laughing out loud (“Traveling Sisterhood of the Pantsuits!”) and finding myself teary
eyed over references to women’s rights and the history of the suffragettes.

As some of you know, I haven’t always been much of a fan of Hillary’s, especially after meeting her two years back; I was really
disappointed when I found her to seem even more stoic, more of a political player, in person. I hadn’t walked into the dinner, then,
expecting that of her….I don’t know who I thought I was going to meet, but I felt sad when I walked away that night.

And now…she is warm. She is wearing orange, a color of hope, of the sun. Her being out there in among us all these last 18 months brought her to who
she really is, who she really can be. A beacon of beauty. And I sincerely mean that in the deepest sense of
the word—someone who has grown, grown in wisdom and thought, and recognizes the power of her gifts, of her unique position and
how that position can actually change lives…and by changing lives, she can help to change this world.

I felt she “passed the torch” beautifully, as well, on to Barack, and she did so with grace, humor and intelligence—Molly Ivans would
have been proud, and I was very much missing Molly tonight! (As well as Ann and Liz and all the great Texas women of wit and umph!) The references—
“Were you in it for me … or for the soldier, the young woman with cancer, the single working mom just making it—?” and her closing with a nod to my favorite heroine,
Harriet Tubman, cheered me and thrilled me to no end in that she married the concept of an African-American AND a woman in one fell swoop: reminding
us that Harriet carried on, never giving up, even in the darkest of night…moving on even as “the dogs were barking, the torches were coming closer”—Hillary
implored us to keep believing, keep struggling and fighting for freedom!

I am off to Boston. Come out and celebrate with me at Club Passim tomorrow night…or Friday afternoon at the Boston Children’s museum, or Fox Run on Friday

Pray for my friend, Wendy, as she undergoes surgery on Thursday morning.

Pray for my safe travels so that I can return home to my husband and daughters….

Pray for sanity, for reason, for healthy debate and dialogue and growth in this country.

And celebrate all the blessings in your life…take some cookies to your neighbors today…help mow the lawn of someone elderly!
Go watch a little league game and cheer on the teams! Be glad you can put gas in your car, even if it is $3.45 or more a gallon…
Be grateful! Be joy filled!

And…a special salute here to the Summerfolk Festival in OWEN SOUND, CANADA…Thank you to Richard for bringing me up
and to all the good folks who enjoyed my music, to all the great musicians I met (David Roth, Natalia Zuckerman, Twilight Hotel,
David Amran, the wonderful drummer from Diggin’ Roots who gave me a two hour ride back to Toronto when I missed my shuttle and would
have missed my flight! and everyone I am forgetting at the moment…)

I LOVE Canada…the air was brilliant clear and clean, the double rainbow my first day there, the sound engineers, the craftspeople and their booths
(the two young ladies who gave me the henna lotus on my right hand), the amazing food (fries with cheese and gravy!?), the volunteers, the stages
and songwriters and children and families…Thank you for the opportunities!!! Summerfolk RULES!


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