Hanging Paintings

New Braunfels has the feel of an old western town, but thankfully, no one was slinging guns and chewing tabacky (that I could see.)

The painting opening was glorious! The New Braunfels Museum of Art is hosting an exhibit called, “Musicians Who Make Art”, and I was happily selected to be included! Terri Lord, Bob Schneider, Bale and Terri Allen, Ethan Ezarian, Kimmie Rhodes, and a whole bunch of others…

My paintings were hung on the second floor, straight across a wall, so when you exit the elevator—first thing you see are my little (!) creations!

So many friends came out. Even Wayne and Judi came from Corpus…I about fell over! They magically pulled up next to our car as we were all piling out.
Margaret and James Michael surprised me, too, which was too much because there was also Steve Pietszch and Dianna A. and her friends and kids and Marty and his new friend, Andrew; Dawn and Unknown Art… and, well, I just felt enchantment everywhere. I felt like Cinderella!

The best part was everyone walking up, seeing Lance, looking up to the second floor, and exclaiming, “Hey, is that YOU?!” That was hilarious—Lance living and Lance on canvas.

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